Christmas Canon EOS 5D Mark II videos

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A couple of Christmas greetings that have been sent in to planet5D that were done on Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras.

The first is from James Fitzgerald Jr. from ColdWaterMedia who writes: “About 3 hours ago we finished editing this video. I thought your readers might really enjoy seeing it!

It was shot live, using (4) Canon 5D Mark II's. This family is so talented. They sing in the round and “mix” their audio the old school way- simply by moving closer or farther from the microphone. All the instruments are unplugged and acoustic. We had only one other microphone on the upright bass, since it is not too easy to move around with that instrument! The video was produced by ColdWater Media and was shot live on December 15th at Nicholas DeSciose Studio in Denver, CO.”

Redrock Micro

Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel by The Franz Family // Canon 5D Mark II from ColdWater Media on Vimeo.

“Growing up on the stage of Branson, Missouri, the Franz Family learned the marks of the trade at an early age. Holding to a firm belief in hardcore goodness of music, the Franz's work hard to bring you gospel music in a unique fashion. With roots dipped in bluegrass, they've expanded their style with touches of jazzy blues and acoustic pop. In a collection of traditional and original tunes, they've collided the worlds of yesterday and today with agreeable taste. ”

Ruth Ann (Mom) on bass, Randy (Dad) on guitar, Caleb on guitar, Emmet on dobro, Olivia on the fiddle, and Audra doing lead vocals.

FCP Training

And this wonderful little holiday greeting came from Andrew Gallo who wrote: “You don't know me, but I follow you on twitter. Over the past year, you have been a source of inspiration by the different things you've been working on and posting. I just wanted to A) say thanks and introduce myself ; and B) say Happy Christmas!

Shaped, Coloured (Happy Christmas) from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.

Happy Christmas from Andrw + Carissa Gallo.

“hold my hand, and let us dream togethr”

Music: Sister Winter by Sufjan Stevens
Everything else: Us

+ Shot on the Canon 5D MKII
+ Edited in FCP

Ok, this really isn't a “Christmas greeting” but it came with one LOL… a cute 5D2 video from iamkalaniprince (who also sent us this cool surfing video):

Canon 5D Mark II + B&W + Salad Face from iamkalaniprince on Vimeo.

Makena and Kalani wish everyone a happylicious holiday season !

After 10's of thousands of still photo's he runs in the other direction when the camera comes out. Now that he get's to watch himself in a “mini movie”, he's much warmer towards the cam. The funniest part is watching him watch himself and crack up laughing when he realizes he's being funny.. It's the funniest thing in the world.

Anyhow, hope you all enjoy this small clip. Love and Aloha.

UPDATE: Late addition:

TBS Group. Happy Christmas. Feliz Navidad from SevenClick on Vimeo.

Esta es la forma que este año hemos elegido desde el Grupo TBS (TBSolutions + TBSecurity + SevenClick + Confëttika + … sorpresa sorpresa) para felicitaros la navidad.

Una producción de al más puro estilo snorricam.

Canon EOS 5D + 16-35 f2.8
Lámpara LED PL88
Snorricam (no os perdáis el making-of muy pronto!)

Edición FinalCutStudio
Etalonaje MagicBullet

Elvis Presley. “Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)”

More info

Thanks to everyone who sent in things – I haven't always published everything that was sent in this year, but I do read and appreciate every email!

(Photo credit: snap from the Franz video)


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