Vincent Laforet gets to shock the world again releasing the world’s first Canon EOS-1D MKIV movie – just as the camera is announced by Canon too! And Vincent says that not only does this camera take us a bunch of steps up from the original (and from the 5D2), it is a “paradigm shift” because of the low light capabilities of the Canon EOS-1D MKIV… “I think it’s safe to say that every single filmmaker and photographer has always dreamed of cameras that can see what our naked eyes can see. This time these cameras can actually see more. Sure – they may not have the dynamic ranges of our eyes just yet – but they see more than my naked eyes can see in low light.” Please read Vincent’s post for more amazing details about this video!

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“Here is the main point that I hope you take into account: the short film you are about to watch was shot in pretty much the very worst light that I could possibly find in an evening urban landscape. I did not chose “pretty lighting” in a mall or under neon signs. That would have been cheating in my book.” (I insist-go read the whole post!)

Obviously, if you have the bandwidth, you’ll want to download this in full size from smugmug! (it is available in full 1080 and they’re my favorite video hosting site)

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Sorry – according to Vincent’s recent blog post, Canon asked him to take the video down so I’m doing the same – our apologies!

“Canon has requested that we take down “Nocturne.” As a professional courtesy I am going to honor their request until they can figure out things internally and our little film can be shown again in public. As some of you may remember this happened last year and all was fine a few days later. I’m sure they will be able to figure things out on their end and hope to be able to share the short with you again soon. The response so far has exceed that of “Reverie” both in terms of numbers and in terms of how fast it happened – something that I would never have expected.”

I’m sure you’ll be floored just as I was! Did you go read his post yet? You must get more details about how he made this!

(Photo credit: snap from Nocturne by Vincent Laforet)

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