Adobe Lightroom Beta 2 released – includes DSLR video support

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@VisionWrangler pointed out this morning that the Adobe Lightroom Beta 2 that was just released includes support for DSLR videos! Apple's Aperture 3 was released a few weeks ago and also included support for DSLR video.

Redrock Micro

“With beta 2 we get luminance noise reduction, a point curve editor, DSLR video file support and a bunch of other enhancements. Will they be enough? Well, that's for you to decide, but it's worth pointing out the following paragraph from the release notes:

“What's Next?

We're much closer to the final release of Lightroom 3.0 and this beta release represents the majority of improvements planned for this version. However, we still want your feedback on the latest improvements and we might still have a few things up our sleeves for the Lightroom 3.0 release.””

“Another commonly requested feature that has made its way into beta 2 is support for Video Files. However, as with Tethered Capture the support for video files is rather limited. In short, you can import the video files, view the index frame as a thumbnail in Grid view or full-size in Loupe view (shown in figure 4 below), and export the files in their original format.”

Read more about the lightroom release.

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