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Final Cut Pro for Photographers

Featuring Canon 5D Mark II Workflow

Learn Final Cut Pro or Improve your Canon EOS 5D Mark II video workflow now.

Originally $99 – now only $49.95 + shipping.

Designed to train the average photographer how to use Final Cut Pro for video with as little time and pain usually associated with learning a professional application.

Unlock your creativity – this series shows you how simple Final Cut Pro and how it can give you as much creative freedom as you can possibly imagine.

Final Cut Pro is uniquely able to handle the CODEC native to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Unlike iMovie which converts the video down to AIC. Learning and using Final Cut Pro will allow you to keep the native resolution and quality for your customer.

Imagine being able to quickly create Fusion style (mixing stills and video together) videos for your customers!

When you've completed the course, you'll be able to make movies like this!

Read the planet5D review of this DVD!

5D and FCP Training Case only 5D and FCP Training back of case

Sample – Transferring and Importing

Note: This training covers NTSC (USA) workflows and does not cover PAL or frame rates other than 30p. At this time, this training is only available in the USA.


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