Do you want to learn how to do professional video production with the Canon 5D Mark II, or other video-enabled DSLR? You're in the right place! is very pleased to announce the official launch of 5DFilmSchool – the only educational DVD designed to teach YOU how to make movies with your DSLR.

This program doesn't just show you how to operate the video features on your DSLR, it teaches you how to create complete projects, from script, to shotlist, to storyboards, to principal photography, to editing, and finally to output for the web.

Whether your interest is personal or professional, you'll learn fundamental video production techniques, timeless filmmaking principles, and tips and tricks specific to the DSLR workflow. Click on the video below for a very brief introduction to the 5DFilmSchool.

What Is 5D FilmSchool?

5DFilmSchool consists of two classes – 101 and 102. Unlike other educational DVDs that focus on one aspect of the production process – like lighting, or editing – 5DFilmSchool takes you through the creation of simple but complete projects, demonstrating the principles and techniques involved along the way. Here's the sample project created in Class 101.

Class 101

These are all the topics covered in Class 101, which focuses primarily on pure technique: how to use the 5D as a motion picture camera. Here's a list of the topics covered in Class 101.

– Camera Operation (ISO, Scene Settings, White Balance, etc.)
– Hand-held vs. Tripod operation
– Pulling Focus without “Follow Focus” equipment
– Basics of Film-Style Lighting with examples
– Understanding Color Temperature
– Lighting “Gels”
– Principles of Good Audio
– Different Types of Microphones
– Adapters & Field Mixers
– Microphone Handling
– The “Lav & Boom” Interview Audio Setup
– Data Management, on Paper and on the Computer
– Fundamentals of Editing in Final Cut Pro
– Codecs & Pixel Aspect Ratio
– Tips & Tricks with Sequence Settings
– Transcoding vs. Render Files
– Exporting Your Projects for the Web

That's all in Class 101. Unlike many educational programs, there is no “filler” and no repetition on this 70+ minute long presentation. I cover a lot of ground, and I cover it a pace that allows you to follow what's going on, without getting bored. Here's a sample excerpt from Class 101. As you see here, I focus on simple, real-world techniques, keeping your costs as low as possible!

Class 102

Once you have a handle on the information in Class 101, you'll be ready to learn how to apply those techniques effectively. You'll be ready for Class 102, which is basically film school in a nutshell. Using two more practical examples, I'll teach you the most important guidelines and principles behind filmmaking, as well as the fundamentals of the pre-production process, which is critical to effective completion of your projects.

EXAMPLE: What do the “180-degree rule,” “screen direction” and “axis of action” have in common? They all refer to the same basic concept, and that's only ONE of the fundamental building blocks of filmmaking. Here's a brief excerpt from Class 102, in which I discuss the “180 degree rule.”

These are the topics covered in Class 102.

– Importance of Pre-Production
– Production Styles: ENG vs. EFP
– Why Shooting a DSLR is More Like Film than Video
– Types of Projects: Narrative vs. Documentary
– Documentary Production Workflow
– Narrative Production Workflow
– Having a Motivation for Everything
– Shooting Ratio & Coverage
– The Shot-Based Production Process
– Guidelines for Shot Construction
– Lens Selection
– Static vs. Moving Shots
– The 180 Degree Rule
– Creating a Shot List & Script Breakdown
– The “SRS” Sequence
– Storyboards
– Principal Photography
– Making Editing Decisions
– Creating a Rhythm With Your Edit

Remember – both classes are included for only $89.95!

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