Philip Bloom has released a Canon EOS 7D video entitled “Dublin’s People” – filmed mostly at 24p. There are a couple of shots done at 60p for the slow motion effect. It is a video similar to his “Sophia’s People” shot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II a few months ago… I thought it would be cool to see them side by side, so I’ve included that one just below the 7D one! What are your thoughts about them?

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UPDATE: I thought it was litterally better to see the two movies side by side (but since this template isn’t wide enough, you’ll have to suffer with on top and bottom! HA)…

The full description of what he’s done with the video is on this post and much of his reaction to the 7D is here.

Dublin’s People: Canon 7d 24p from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Filmed at the end of the 2 day F-Stop Academy Cinematography workshop in Dublin when we were in wind down mode. Shot on a pre-production Canon 7d.

I took the Canon 7d, Zacuto Tactical rig, Z-Finder V2 and one lone lens, a Canon 35mm f1.4, which becomes more like a 50mm lens on the 7d. So a bit like what I did with Sofia’s People (but I didn’t have the Zacuto rig for that).

I shot 1/50th of a second as I was shooting 24p and to match the 50hz frequency of the artificial all around me in Temple Bar.
I also shot some stuff 720p 50p with shutter at 1/100th to get the slow motion shots of the juggler which were conformed to 23.98p in Cinema tools to create the beautiful slow motion.

Sound on the last bit was just the internal mono cam mic as I didn’t want a big mic on top of the camera.

Big thanks To Darragh and Emma for organizing the workshop. To all the people attended and especially the people who came to the intensive 1 day Cinematography practical workshop on Sunday. Jala (from Germany), Cathal (from N. Ireland) and Jean-Jacques (from France) stayed on another night and joined me for the night shooting. We had a great time. You may also spot my partner in crime Den Lennie a couple of times here.
Music is appropriately by the great THIN LIZZY and is of course Whisky In The Jar.
No grading was done
More workshops coming to you soon!
If you cannot download it anymore as their is a daily limit on vimeo, you can download it from here too as long as you are a free member:

Training guide

You really should read his comments about the 7D… here’s an excerpt to get you to go over there to read it!

“So…you may ask what do I think of the camera. I am going to be blunt here…I love it.

Now I am talking purely in video mode, not stills mode (although it does shoot more stills per minute than the 5dmII) it really is wonderful. I was a little wary about the 1.6x crop on the APS-C as I have such wonderful L series glass and yes it’s a pain that my 50mm f1.2 is now effectively an 80mm…but that’s the downside of APS-C. Wide lense are even worse. Canon don’t make any fast APS-C optimized lenses for the wide end…yet….

Do I recommend this over a 5dmkII?…. ” Go read Philip’s post!

Ok, here’s the Canon EOS 5D Mark II “Sophia’s People” that Philip did and converted to 24p

Sofia’s People: Canon 5dmk2 24p from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Yet another new 24p version!

Shot over a couple of nights, taking the 5dmk2 out on the streets and getting shots of the inhabitants and visitors. No lighting, no grading. This is what came out of the camera image wise. All handheld and helped by using the Z-Finder from Zacuto to give the camera a proper viewfinder and improve stability.

All shot using one lens. A Nikon mount Zeiss ZF 50mm f1.4

Music is performed by Stacey Kent: You can’t take that away from me.

Converted to 24p JES De-Interlacer

Thanks to Dennis Lennie and Teodor Stoyanov.

Read my blog for more workflow and info here:

(Photo credit: snap from “Sophia’s People” shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II by Philip Bloom).