Zacuto announces new Z-Finder models – 3 to pick from

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Yesterday, Zacuto announced 3 new models of the famed Z-Finder. There will now be the Z-Finder Jr., Z-Finder Pro 2.5X, and Z-Finder Pro 3X.

Redrock Micro

“With the convergence of DSLR filmmaking, there are many essential tools that are needed to give the correct form factor for video. When shooting video on a DSLR camera, you must use the LCD screen and you must use manual focus. The combination of a very small screen, manual focus, and razor thin shallow depth-of-field makes it very challenging to focus. When shooting in both outdoor and indoor settings the sunlight and glares make it nearly impossible to see the LCD. Lastly, holding the camera out in front of you so that you can focus on the screen makes the camera unstable and shaky. With any camera, you want to bring it close to the body for stability. The first essential item to help with these challenges is a DSLR optical viewfinder. Zacuto has three models for you to choose between.”

The Z-Finder Jr. is an excellent starter viewfinder that. offers a 2.5x focusable magnification, a 40mm diameter lens, a large form fitting eyecup preventing extraneous light leakage, and a field of view perfectly matched to 3” LCD screens. It does not have an anti-fog coated lens. Therefore if you are going in between extreme environments, you will need some type of anti-fog wipe or material.

With the Z-Finder Pro, we have two different models. We have a Z-Finder Pro with 2.5x magnification and a Z-Finder Pro with 3x magnification. The Z-Finder Pro models offer a 40mm diameter anti-fog coated lens, a large eyecup preventing extraneous light leakage and a field of view perfectly matched to 3” LCD screens. With the anti-fog coated lens, going between extreme environments will not be a problem. Additionally, when shooting for longer periods of time with a lens that has not had a anti-fog treatment applied, fogging will occur. This is something to keep in mind when deciding between the Jr. and Pro models; as the Jr. does not have an anti-fog coated lens.


  1. Is zacuto z finder jr 2.5x compatible Nikon d800

    If it’s possible in French please. Thank you

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