Canon EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro now available!

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Canon released the software late this afternoon (US time that is)… it was announced back in Feb and is finally ready. thanks to @tylerginter for the alert!

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I'm sure you want to get right into it… so here's the download link! You have to select the software section like this:

Canon EOS E1 plugin download - first, pick Mac OS X

FCP Training

Canon EOS E1 plugin download - then you'll see the download

Details – EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro

This plug-in application is for Final Cut Pro, which was released for users of EOS Digital and Final Cut Pro. This plug-in allows you to use the Log and Transfer function to edit movies captured with the EOS cameras. 1. Major functions ProRes codec can convert original EOS movie files into ProRes-format files at a high speed. Reel name codes and time-code (time-stamp*1) are added to converted files. 2. Supported movies (*2) EOS-1D Mark IV EOS 5D Mark II new firmware (v2.0.3 or later) EOS 5D Mark II old firmware (v1.2.4 or ealier) EOS 7D *1: Not compatible with the Generator Lock. *2: Standard Definition movies are not supported. For details, please see the instruction manual.

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Complete description

Canon has some very detailed instructions on their site. Read them!

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  1. The press release says “Support for the EOS Rebel T1i (also known as EOS 500D) will be added at a later date.” I am certain that between then and now the 550D will be supported as well. No biggie.

  2. This is a REAL GIFT from Canon. The company that developed it (Glue Tools) could have easily charged the same amount that they do for their other FCP plug ins (from $400 to $800). But Canon gave it to us for FREE. Thank you very much Canon!

  3. This was really nice action from Canon indeed.

    Although it has obvious marketing benefits behind too: their DSLRs are even more suitable for professional video/filmmaking purposes.

    Something that until now, no other company has reached at such high level (or even any).

    Let’s hope Canon can also give something similar to PC system users. It would certainly increase the possibilities a lot (and then get also more interest from current and potential customers).

    If Canon continues improving in all possible ways (via software and firmware) this new “platform” of DSLRs with Full HD capability, there is no doubt the profit will keep going up.

    So both Canon and customers will benefit.

  4. I’m getting about .5x on mac pro 8 core 2.26 – this seems slow but maybe not?
    Does anybody else have speed tests or have a suggestion to speed it up (also using raid 0)

  5. this is cool!

    However, if shooting at 50fps so i can slow down to 25fps, when should i conform??
    Before ingest to fcp or after?

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