Aperture Intensive with Sara France


Aperture Training DVD ~ $79 order now!

Have you been thinking about checking out Apples Aperture software for editing or even just for Album Design? Are you a current Aperture user just wanting to learn more about how to utilize it better?

From Sara: This is the FIRST Aperture Training specifically for wedding and portrait photographers. I teamed up with Photography Mentor to create my very first Aperture Intensive Training DVD! My incredible video editor, Solomon Blank put this trailer together for me to share with everyone to give you a little taste of what the training is like and just a few of the things that you will be learning in this 3+ hour DVD.

I created this DVD because I really wanted to get the information out there and help as many photographers as I could at once. I would love to be able to sit down with each photographer and share all my favorite things about the efficient and fun workflow that Aperture can offer them but I knew there was no way I could. I thought about doing an Aperture Workshop but I know it would be especially hard to make it all the way to a live workshop with the costs of travel, food & the workshop price. I wanted to be able to deliver the information at a cost that would be affordable to everyone and at a pace that you can determine. This DVD provides over 3 hours of quality training that will make you an Aperture Pro!

Each topic includes tips that will not only train you on these areas but give you best practices along the way. It is packed with great tips, short cut keys, custom settings, and downloadable goodies to go along with the training. Check out the trailer!

If you are considering using Aperture, want to learn about how to do your own custom albums in Aperture, or are a seasoned Aperture user looking for a better workflow and some new ideas this is the perfect training DVD for you. The DVD topic include:

1. Tour of the Aperture Interface: Creating your organizational Structure, Custom Preferences, Customizing Keyboard                                                    Shortcuts, Metadata Presets

2. Importing Images

3. Image Adjustments: Retouch Tool, Spot and Patch, Aperture and Photoshop: The Round Trip, Global Presets

4. Outputting Images: Creating a Mobile Me album, WebPages Vs. MobileMe albums, Exporting and Email, Uploading to Pictage

5. Share and Showcase Images: Apple TV, iPhone, Slideshows, iDVD, Pages and iWeb, Mail

6. Creating Books: Reusing your layouts, Arranging Images, Adding Text, Creating Custom Size Books, Creating Other Marketing                           Materials, Creating a Custom Canvas, Image Adjustments Within Books, Exporting and Printing Books

7. Traveling with your images: Exporting Projects, Managing Referenced Files, Relocating Masters, Consolidating Masters

8. Syncing Camera Time Stamps


With downloadable extras including projects, global adjustments, and more.


Aperture Training DVD ~ $79 order now!