Canon EOS 7D rocks the subway

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Friend of planet5D sent us his latest Canon EOS 7D video “NYC Sounds:LIVE underground:Canon 7D,1080/24p” — check out his blog for more info on how he made this one.

Redrock Micro

NYC Sounds:LIVE underground:Canon 7D,1080/24p from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Finally got around doing my first subway music sampler video, great talent out there and this is the first of a series, hope you enjoy!
please check my blog for more info on this video
I am still waiting to get info for the two first gentlemen who can be found at the 72nd street station and the passage from 6th to 7th ave. For now check out the

Note: He shares this on vimeo about the moving wall around 2:00 — “ae pixel blend side effect, nothing to do with rolling shutter, slowed the clip down by 15% and since it was shot at 24fps using pixelblend produces much smoother motion. the moving walls is a side effect from pixel blend, will replace it tomorrow”

Awesome Mike! I love the full size version – thanks for sharing

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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