Have a Lomo lens and want to mount it on your Canon EOS 7D or Canon EOS 5D Mark II?

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This is pretty cool if you ask me… tho I've never owned a Lomo, it would be fun to play with it… especially after seeing this Canon EOS 5D Mark II movie. Granted it is just a few test shots, but it does have a cool look and feel. You really should download the full size video from Vimeo.

Redrock Micro

I looked up Steve Morton (mentioned in the description below) and found he's got a website where you can order all sorts of adapters to mount Lomo lenses to your Canon equipment called Cinemods. Check them out!

5dm2 + lomo roundfront anamorphics first test from Hunter H. Richards on Vimeo.

I bought an oct-19 to EOS adapter from Steve Morton. Now I can use my lomo roundfront anamorphics that have not yet received an arri PL mount. Really fun! This is just a test to get the cropping and desqueeze sorted out. Apple Shake makes it easy to do.

No cc on this, just a quick desqueeze and crop on shake (for proper 2.4:1 aspect)

download the original file for higher quality.


planet5D Cinema

Hunter H. Richards sent us this message: “P.S. If you want a picture of the camera you can see/download one here if your a dvxuser member, pardon the iphone quality”

I took a snap of one of those images…

(Photo credit: snap from the video)