Aerial video via helicopter with a Canon 7D

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    This was posted over at last Friday, but we've been swamped with excitement over the iPad (sorry!). “Eric Austin of Helicam put together this video to show us the ins and outs of his Helicam. Eric shoots low altitude HD video anywhere in the world. Outerspace? He’s still working on that!”

    Redrock Micro

    Aerial video with a Canon 7D from Eric AUSTIN on Vimeo.

    Training guide

    Pretty cool eh?

    (Photo credit: snap from the video)


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    2. ahem

      There are no impressive shots taken with this rig, just handheld-level shots that are OK. The guys is a bragging bore too…

    3. Mike

      Even at “handheld-level” (I think better) how else do you get a hand 200 feet in the air?

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