APRIL FOOLS JOKE: Philip Bloom gets an exclusive: Canon DSLR video goes RAW!!

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Philip Bloom just announced on his site…. Exclusive: Canon DSLR video goes RAW!!

UPDATE – since it is no longer April 1st – I should point out that this was an APRIL FOOLS joke by Philip Bloom (and quite funny too if you ask me).

Redrock Micro

“We have been hearing mutterings of this for the past few weeks. “Top DPs in Europe testing out RAW recording on Canon 5Dmkii”. It all sounded like nonsense didn’t it? Well I can exclusive reveal today as the embargo I was given 0001 BST 1/4/10 has passed that Canon have done exactly what we wanted. RAW baby, RAW! New firmware will be released imminently for every camera from the Rebel T1i/ 500D through to the 1DmkiV giving it the much desired RAW recording on the memory cards. Not just that, but they have also finally unlocked the HDMI out to give us an uncompressed feed so we can plug in our Nanoflash or KiPro and record into a format that we have dreamed of.”

You've simply got to read the entire post! There's so much RAW data in there!

(Photo credit: Philip's tease post from Twitter )



  1. This would be fantastic news indeed. I’m cautiously optimistic though as tomorrow is April 1st. Let’s hope.

  2. I will believe it when I see it. This is a great start to the April 1st pranks. Love it, bring it on!!!

  3. It was almost plausible until I saw the frame rate/image size options. Pretty good joke, it got a rise out of me.

    Still would like an uncompressed HDMI out.

  4. So not cool. I was calling everyone I know. Damn, I am so let down.

  5. He had me going for a minute. I felt so dumb when I figured it out.
    I was seconds away from posting his finding on my site www.slrhq.com would have been embarrassing indeed.

  6. He is the guy that looks at the 5D manual, then repeats it a hundred thousand times around the world as if he invented it and was the first to discover it.

    1. Author

      I have a lot of respect for Philip – he’s very knowledgeable and has spent many years in the business. Probably many more than most. You may not like him, but he’s one of the good guys.

  7. My pop, Caleb Crosby, S.O.C. sent me this and I didn’t believe it… He said Philip is reliable so I started to believe, that is until I clicked an image! It really was a great prank.

  8. haha I guess someone forgot to tell the Magic Lantern Team that this was just a April Fools joke, – not even a month later they have developed fully functional working RAW capture at 24/30fps for the 5dMk3 haha.. classic stuff Mr Bloom !

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