Canon EOS-1D MKIV and 200mm hands on

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Aoshi studio posted this interesting blog post where they were able to get their hands on a preview copy of the Canon EOS-1D MKIV and the 200mm f2 Canon lens. They weren't able to put their own CF card into the 1DIV, but they were with the 200mm lens (which is where the images come from). Oh, they also had their hands on the 24mm f3.5 Tilt-Shift and included a few images.

Redrock Micro

“In terms of construction, the body is everything you would expect from a high-end professional camera. Those already owning a 1D Mark III will feel very at ease with it. It fits in your hand very well, it’s really comfortable and it feels robust and solid. It’s heavy, a real brick! But this is to be expected from a camera of this caliber.”

“The 200mm is impressive, it’s not as heavy as I though it would be, it is definitely heavier than the 70-200mm f2.8 I have but it is still manageable. I need to be more careful when I shoot with it and I can’t be as mobile as with the 70-200mm but for situations when I don’t need to run it should be okay. It focuses very fast, and I am impressed by the image quality. The 70-200mm already delivers wonderful images, but the 200mm is just better. I really like the colors right out of the camera and you just can’t beat this f2 aperture: the background is so buttery, you’d want to smear it on a bagel!”

So, go read this good article and you'll see some really good photos taken with the 200mm.

(Photo credit: snap from the stills)


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