Rant: why so much camera hate?

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Was reading the comments on this canonrumors post about the possibility of a new Canon mirrorless with 70mp sensor.

Carl: Canon can't get 30 or 52 MP right, so how would they get 70 MP right?

Nick: I get that it uses the same sensor. The same sensor that is about 3 years old at this point.

Theo: nobody really needs 70mp in full frame!

And of course there's sony plugs (as if Sony is the only camera brand on the planet now).

Brian: But Sony cameras have 200MP, 700 fps, 16K video and 9 card slots!

And yes, I realize he was joking (and it is kinda funny). But there are plenty of Sony fanboys out there anyway.

I guess I'm just tired of it.

Especially the attitude of “what is Canon thinking?” kind of thing.

Canon knows their stuff.

We had the same discussion back when the XC10 was released with its fixed lens etc.

And I'll never forget several months later a friend of mine writes and says ‘you know, I bashed the XC10, but frankly, I've sold all my other bodies and now own 2 of them – it is exactly what I need.”

And that's the key.

Camera manufacturers won't release a camera unless they're confident it will serve an audience. It may not be you… but it will serve a group of people who need it.

I don't get this issue where the critics think every camera announced is meant to solve their every problem. Get over yourselves.

If a camera doesn't fit your needs, then it isn't meant for you.

Move on and find something you enjoy… and get out and shoot with what you have!

The camera you own is “better” than anything Ansel Adams ever owned but you're complaining?

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