planet5D was born when the Canon EOS 5D Mark II was announced and initially, we covered mainly “DSLR video”.

But today, the world of video is so much more than one type of camera – and so is planet5D!

planet5D is a premier handcrafted curated news channel for digital photography, filmmaking and video production.

We lean more heavily on the video side than on the photography side, but since planetMitch still loves to shoot stills, and it is still very popular, we add photo news when we feel it is significant.

We cover:

  • DSLR video
  • traditional ‘big boy' video cameras – also known as ‘digital cinema cameras'
  • “mirrorless” cameras
  • smart phones
  • drones/quadcopters
  • GoPro or ‘action' cameras
  • Filmmaking
  • behind-the-scenes of filmmaking
  • photography with any of the above

See? Just about everything that shoots video!

Who is planetMitch?

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I'm planetMitch

Indeed I do call myself “planetMitch” – my real name is Mitch Aunger and I live in St. Louis Missouri (USA). I'm the main guy running this website and I'd like to tell you a little about how it came to be – it might help you understand more about me and why this site exists.

You can find out a whole lot about me and my other endeavors at my ‘home' –

How planet5D came to be

In the spring of 2008, i bought a Canon 5D. I wanted to move up from the Xti to a full frame camera. I had done a lot of reading and I learned about the full frame advantage and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the 5d. The more I used the 5d, the more I loved it. You often don't see that much of a difference with a new camera, but as Benjamin Ellis has found, the full frame can make a huge difference. I even started a rudimentary blog about how excited I was. I also tried becoming an Amazon affiliate to see if I could gain a little income to support the idea of putting effort into a blog… after all, if you don't have some motivation, either readers who come read or some other reason to post, then most likely, you'll fail or quit writing. I had one sale thru amazon and that was interesting, but it obviously didn't keep me going.

Then, along came the announcement about the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the world got excited. Shortly after that, Vincent Laforet created the famous video “Reverie” and excitement went thru the roof. At that point, I started reading all of the photography forums and the same questions were asked and answered over and over. That's when I decided that a wiki was the right thing to create. It is hard however, to convince people to help edit a wiki (maybe I just don't know the right trick?). It is also hard to get people to find the wiki and to realize it has a ton of information in it.

I was thinking that this would be the right place and time to launch a wiki about the canon 5d. Of course, I wanted to be able to continue later on, so I didn't want to put the mark ii in the name in case the blog continues into the next release and beyond. I'd also given myself the nickname ‘planetMitch' in the previous 6 months or so. I'd been looking for something short and unique. In the past, I'd always used ‘maunger' (which is a combination of my first name and last name which was so hard to explain to people). I saw someone had named themselves planetPaul (or something similar) and I thought that was unique and would be easy for people to remember, so I became planetMitch. It was also something that wasn't very likely taken as a screen name. So I guess I've begun my branding as “planet” everything – and thus planet5D was born. Simple name, easy to remember and yet still described what I hope the essence of the site will be.

planet5D features:

Here’s a quick summary of what planet5D has available to help you:

As you can see, there's a lot going on at planet5D! All of these items are in the menu of every page of the site.

Website stuff

Giving credit to our sources

First, let me admit that I'm not perfect – there are times where I've either knowingly or unknowingly posted a story without giving proper credit – but I believe I'm doing a very good job in 99% of the cases.

We operate under the “Miracle on 34th Street” policy around here… do you remember in the story where the department store Macy's makes it a policy to send their customers to another store when they don't have a product or the other store has a better price? Macy's suddenly gains all sorts of ‘goodwill' because of this new policy. Well, that's how I feel – if someone else has taken the time to develop the story, then they should get the traffic and the acknowledgement. I'll certainly post it to my readers because otherwise they may never see the story on the other site, but I'll not post the entire story (unless given permission to post the whole thing) nor will I post it without giving proper credit and a link.

Not only that, but I'll post the source right at the top of the story. I know it is accepted newspaper etiquette to post sources at the end, and sometimes I'll do that, but in many cases, especially if it is an important story, the source is shown in the very first sentence if not at least the first paragraph.

Multiple pages

Many blogs post stories that span multiple pages – they do it to boost their page hits. This is just a façade and we won't do it here. I don't like clicking thru multiple pages for a story and neither do you. I believe that you'll more likely come back to planet5D because we treat you like a human.


planet5D is supported by advertising as well as affiliate links (like Amazon – where they pay a little commission to us (but doesn't cost you any more) when we send you to their site to buy a product). It takes a lot of time to put together the content you see here, and my family needs to eat. This is my full time job!

And almost all of our product links are affiliate links or links that take you to one of our sponsors. We like for you to click those but you're under no obligation to do so.

If you have any question, assume that the link involves some sort of payment and we'll all be better off. If you don't want to click, you can do a google search for the product and avoid any possible conflict.

This blog started with my own accounts, from my own experiences from purchases I had made out of my own pocket. As the blog started to grow in popularity, I started to get approached by third parties asking if they could send me a complementary copy of their product for review. I like free stuff just as much as the next guy, so sure I’ll take something free if you send it to me. It doesn’t mean that I’ll review it, and it doesn’t mean that I’ll like it and say good things about it. It just means I get it for free and can play with it and it is up to me to take it from there.

None of the free products I have received have come with any strings attached (i.e., you must review it, you must say nice things, etc…). Sometimes, the vendor wants the product sent back. Naturally, if I use the product (which I admit, some haven’t even been opened), and I write a review, I make it a point to specifically find something that I feel could be improved – it seems to me that most products aren't perfect, so I try to point out flaws as well as the good stuff. Just because someone sent me the item for review doesn't mean I'm going to love it and just spout out gibberish to keep getting more free stuff. It takes hours to use a product and write the review – so while many think they're free, in reality, they're not… time is money!

I am not sponsored by Canon or any other camera manufacturer – tho if they're willing to send me a ton of money, I'd consider it!

I do make a point to disclose these relationships and exchanges at the bottom of most posts – sometimes I forget so if you're curious, drop me a note

Sometimes, we do send out sponsored stuff via our email list (which you should be on btw!). When we started working with writers, we needed some additional cash so we asked the list if it would be ok to send those sponsored emails out in order to have additional content and the response was an overwhelming yes!