We use a variety of tools here on planet5D to enhance your experience – tho some of you may consider them an annoyance – so i'd like to explain to you more about our notifications (also called pop-ups).

Ebook Popup

The first notification is about a free ebook you can download. We're giving away 5 free ebooks for a while and the new one is #1 on the Amazon Cinematography chart!

We offer these free ebooks to expand your knowledge about filmmaking. As a bonus, you become a loyal fan of planet5D and receive our daily emails so you never miss anything that is hot news.

We'd love for you to have these ebooks and be a subscriber to our email list, but if you don't want to see the popup for a year, there's a way!

You can kill the subscription popup for a year – just follow these 2 simple steps! (Note, if you switch browsers or computers, the cookie you're setting to not show the popup for a year will have to be recreated on each).


Individual post notifications:

This was a new feature we turned on several months ago… and you were presented with a message asking if you wanted to receive notifications of new posts from planet5D – and you said YES. You had to opt in to receive these notifications.

This is a great new feature of the Mac OS X and many sites are using it now… you may find that you’re getting these from not only planet5D but other places. But again, you opted in – it is not turned on by default.

mobio push popup

If you would prefer not to see those any more, it is simple to do. There are 2 ways I believe, one is in the OS preferences on Mac, and the other is via the browser preferences. Those are turned off in the mac preferences under notifications. Look for the planet5D icon and turn off the notifications on the right.

planet5D notification center

You can remove the notification permission from the browser .

  • Safari :Preferences -> notifications
  • Google Chrome : Settings -> advanced settings -> privacy -> content settings -> notifications
  • Firefox : Right click on any page and select view page info and then select notifications

Here are the settings for Safari:

Notifications 2015-08-29 06-47-49

So the reverse is also true, if you declined the option to get notifications when it was presented the first time you came to planet5D, then you can turn it ON, by going to those same preferences in each of the browsers and turning those on.

Hopefully, you understand a bit more about why we're using these methods to help you have a better planet5D experience!