It is all about story

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The only thing in marketing, or filmmaking, or just about any business, that is important it seems to me is the story. I'm reminded of story this morning because I've just watched one of my hero's short films.

Pablo Korona is a hero to me.

He tells stories… GREAT stories. I love watching what he does!

I met Pablo at NAB years ago and had a chance to enjoy a good conversation. He's rooted. He's a story kind of guy.

He created stories from his heart about his town. He is helping Rockford Illinois build itself by telling stories about the people of Rockford.

The stories will warm your heart.

Take it from this comment on the video I just watched:

Whitney: Every time I see a new Our City, Our Story video… my heart swells up before I even watch it. Another story told in the most perfect of ways.

I feel that way too… I KNOW Pablo is going to show me a human story; a story that comes from his heart about someone else's heart.

Be ready to have your heart swell.

It happens every time.

Here's the story I saw today that grabbed me and made me want to spread the good news of Pablo and Our City Our Story (yet again).

p.s. I just became a Patreon fan of Our City Our Story because I believe we should support great filmmaking.

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