Sony Alpha a7RII


Sony has just released details regarding the follow-up to their 36 megapixel a7R called the Sony Alpha a7RII (order at b&h). The updates are many and impressive.

Petapixel reports that at the core of the new camera is a Full Frame, back-illuminated 42.4 megapixel CMOS sensor that has light sensitivity up to 102400 ISO. (Check out previous post regarding its rumored 50 megapixel sensor) Similar to, yet not as sensitive as, the a7S, however included is a heavily increased autofocus system that sports 399 phase detection AF points and 25 contrast points.

This mean that autofocus response time has been increased by 40%. No word yet on the FPS for shooting Raw or JPEG, however the data processing speed is 3.5x faster than the original.

The a7II’s 5-axis sensor stabilization is also in the Sony a7R II.

The biggest surprise about the Sony A7r Mk II are the enhanced video capabilities. The a7R II has been upgraded to shoot 4K in, “multiple formats” and 120fps at 720. It is unclear at this point whether this is a cropped APS-C capture, like the a7S. It is also unclear what is capable externally through the clean HDMI out.

The cherry on top of this huge announcement cupcake is the body upgrade. The Sony a7R II now has the same Magnesium Alloy body that the a7II uses.




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