Anyone still using DSLRs for video? Hell yes!

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People continue to ask me if DLSR video is dead… the clear answer is hell no!

Here's another example of someone who's using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III to just get the job done.
Tim Daly (actor – imdb profile) clearly could be using more expensive cameras (well, ok, maybe he's as broke as everyone else around here LOL)… but he's doing some personal projects and has chosen to use a DSLR instead.

He's also clearly an alien like me – he calls all you people “humans” while I prefer the endearing term “Earthlings” myself.

But just because some people try to tell you that HDSLRs are dead, don't fall for it. Just use the tools and move on.

That other online Daly Show – starring Tim Daly

STUDIO CITY, Calif. — You know actor Tim Daly from TV series like CBS' Madam Secretary and NBC's Wings.

But have you caught him on the Daly Show? Not Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, but DalyShowTV, the YouTube comedy parody series he does with his son Sam? In a recent interview at CBS offices here, Daly told us about the homegrown video project, why he addresses his Twitter audience as “humans” and about his favorite subway app.

The Daly show with Tim Daly [bctt tweet=”Tim Daly is using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III for passion projects, what about you?”]



The comedy segments — shot in his home, backyard or back lots of TV series — are produced by friend Ben Shelton and feature the Twitter hashtag #Alittlelessdouche” prominently. Veteran actress Betty White even recited it in a bit they recorded when Daly was guest-starring on her TV Land sitcom Hot in Cleveland. Daly is produced with a Canon 5D Mark III camera and goodwill from his fellow actors, who have included Superman Returns' Brandon Routh, Castle's Nathan Fillion and Glee's Chris Colfer. “We have a great time. We don't have to answer to anyone; the budget is low two-figures per episode; we can make them whatever we want,” Daly says. The videos have received nearly 750,000 views to date.

Watch segment at USA Today “That other online Daly Show – starring Tim Daly”

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. This is a good example of a fun, simple but effective way to use a DSLR to shoot an entire “show”.  Doesn’t hurt if you are a big TV star of course but content is king so if you do something that people want to watch…they will!  As to DSLR’s, they most certainly are not “dead”.  We did all of our shooting with a Canon 5D MkII but were ready to upgrade.  I will admit that I planned for a new Sony FS7 but our budget was such that we got a Sony A7s instead.  I’m very happy with it.  Paired with the Atomos Shogun, we are producing stunning video now that more than meets our client’s needs…and I haven’t even gotten into the low-light stuff yet.  Besides that, there’s no way I would want to carry around the FS7 on our gimbal stabilizer with just my two arms.  DSLR’s are perfect for that.  Long live the DSLR!

  2. stantod I hear you on the A7s vs. the FS7.  Although the A7s looks like a DSLR, however,  it is a mirrorless ILC (interchangeable lens camera) – exactly the kind of thing which got this “is the DSLR dead” thing going, right?

  3. HughBrownstone stantod Yes, I’ve heard this before from Mako Koiwai and others and while I know it’s technically accurate, we’re really only talking about the lack of a mirror differentiating a DSLR from a ILC.  The A7s and others like it are single lens and they have viewfinders, just electronic and they take photographs!  It does seem like it’s splitting hair to me.  Maybe we should call them “DSL’s”. I feel like those saying the “DSLR” is dead for video shooting are really comparing it to all the single, large chip cameras available or coming out that are devoted only to video, not photography and even have the form factor of the video camera we’ve come to recognize, bigger than a DSLR and boxy.  What do you think?

  4. stantod HughBrownstone I’d say the absence of a mirror (and the pentaprism that goes with it) allows a number of critical differences, most especially focus and exposure assists (as a result of using an EVF) and lighter/smaller packaging.  I don’t imagine you kill off the Canon EOS 5D Mark III with a much more expensive FS7 or C300 – but you do with the A7s or GH4, even the a6000. But hey — just my $0.02!

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