No Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Until 2016?

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It’s still early days for rumors about a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, and it’s not really feasible to separate future specs from wish lists at this point. Still, the idea of a late 2015 announcement and 2016 availability for the next generation of the camera that started the video DSLR revolution sounds about right — if it's going to happen at all.

Will it or won’t it (have 4K, that is)?

Will it or won’t it (be split off into a 5C variant)?

Will it or won’t it…


I know we need to share these kinds of things with you, but this is really, really early, trial balloon kind of stuff.

Just like the post we did almost two weeks ago.

Missing from this list is awesome dynamic range, something about which planet5D readers have been extraordinarily clear and virtually unanimous (98% of respondents in our survey) in their preference for dynamic range over more megapixels.

Still, there’s no question that a legitimate GH4/Sony A7s competitor would be welcomed.

…though if it takes too long to arrive, maybe not. [bctt tweet=”A legitimate Canon alternative to the GH4/A7s would be welcomed – if it arrives in time”]

EOS 5D Mark IV Mentioned

Via Canon Rumors:




A separate report from Northlight says the EOS 5D Mark IV would have a 28mp sensor, 9fps and shoot 4K video. The camera would also see a “significant” advancement along with the EOS-1D X replacement in external flash control capabilities. This would include adaptors/controllers and firmware updates for the latest Canon DSLRs.

Source: [Northlight]

Read this article at Canon Rumors “EOS 5D Mark IV Mentioned”

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  1. To Canon: Seems like you are well behind the curve in regard to camera bodies, and are playing catch-up. Suggest you just skip the 5DIV…create the 5DV with internal 4K, phenomenal dynamic range, built in multi-axis stabilization, and low light capability at an affordable price… Oh wait…still playing catch up…better go to the 5DVI! I’m a career Canon user shifting to other manufacturers because Canon is not meeting my needs. Like many, I only have so much money to spend on equipment. By the time Canon (don’t know why so slow) responds…many of us will have moved on. I really sincerely wish Canon was still the progressive innovative company they used to be….but at the moment…they’re not. I will give CPS credit for great customer service. Always been there for me.

  2. Canon makes all kinds of money, and I think the large choice of lenses and early video capability made their strength, but they really have to make something in between their stills and cinema line, they have built up a fan base for what they did with their dslr’s with stills and video fans (if not both in my case). I have never tried anything but canon dslr’s for stills, I still use a T2i for video, witch would still blow the eyes of a usual TV viewer in many ways, but if I had to upgrade, I wouldn’t event think about canon, the fs700 would’ve been my choice a year ago although it’s more expensive than the 5D mkIII (and still would be on a good second hand deal), the fs7 just makes my choice even easier, that high fps capability just nailed everything for me, I can still use my aps-c glass on it also. What I want to see before 4k is raw capability, dynamic range, global shutter, higher fps and moire being something of the past (this can’t be too much to ask when we see the capability of tiny smartphones coming up close to canon’s dslr’s). All in all, what I would love would be a camera with a sensor like the a7s but in super 35, built for video to exclude moire like the gh4 does in 4k without skipping lines, it would have a global shutter, easily switchable ND filters and the possibility to buy different lens mounts without them being used for dumb lenses. Add in clickless aperture and video paradise would be on the horizon. My question is : Why hasn’t someone done this at a fair price yet ? Is it not far from happening ?

  3. ONeillKeegan What exactly is a fair price? the FS7 is $8000! That is a whole lot of camera for less than $10k. Professional cameras are very complex precision tools that take tons of engineering and development, neither of which come cheap. if you want something cheap you have to cut corners same with cars, computers, cell phones, houses, etc.

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