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Yesterday, I got a nice note from Simon… he’s concerned about his 5D mk ii and is wondering if others are having the same problems? Comment below or send me a note and i’ll add your comments.

I have noticed to my gut wrenching horror the 5D MkII using the default evaluative mode over exposes by about 2/3 on about 80% of my outdoor shots, compared with the perfect exposure on my 40D, 20D and 10D. It even over exposes white subjects!

I posted comparisons of 5D MKII at 0ev, 5D MKII at -2/3, and the 40D at 0ev. The latter two almost always being the same, meaning that the 5D is different in a bad way, but why? (you can download the original files & see what I mean)

I took the camera back, and found that other 5D MKII's in the shop do exactly the same thing.

Then I checked out my friends 5D photos, and low and behold, 80% of his photos were over exposed also, leading to washed out colours, blown highlights and poor pictures which all needed to have the exposure reduced by 2/3 in lightroom. When I pointed this out to me, and told him to set it permanently on -2/3, he is much happier with (most) of the results.

Anyone else noticed this?

I have taken probably 40,000 shots with the 10D, 20D and 40D, and have always been more than happy with the exposure. The 5D MKII, however, is useless for wedding photography, as there is no second chance to take shots after seeing the first was underexposed.

Any thoughts welcome.



  1. I have experienced the exact same issue with my 5D Mk. II. I usually end up exposing -1/3 to -2/3 to deal with the issue. I noticed it right out of the box. I have heard that 1D Mk. III users have been doing the same – which makes sense as it’s basically the same sensor.

  2. Same experience as both of you, from day one. I never had this experience with any of my other cameras. I decided that for the price, I wasn’t going to put up with all the extra tinkering it requires and sent it back.

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