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Continually looking for news – i really appreciate all who send me stuff – makes things easier 🙂

Buy a 5D mk ii! (note the BUY link at the top – updated regularly)
None of the online stores indicate ‘in stock’ but the Adorama site says they have some coming soon – so order now.

In the UK, simplyElectronics has the body and kit back in stock

• Alexander Jordan enjoys the new camera
• Planet5dWiki adds a blog! Thanks to 1001noisycameras for finding us 🙂
• Michael writes – Just threw a video together about the importance of a good video tripod when shooting video with the new 5D Mark II.  We also compared a 300mm, 500mm and the xha1 20x zoom in the same video. 

• Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Camera Review from

• BKHS: 5D2 and 12,800 ISO again some 5D2 sports photos

• “Nature in Fashion Trailer” by Sebastian Woeberdiscussion on cinema5d
• “Zombpocalypse – Sample Footage” by Justin Oliphantdiscussion on cinema5d
• “Drone Movie Trailer in HD shot with the Canon Mark II EOS 5D Movie mode”discussion on cinema5d
• “2009! Nacho a 299Km/h con 5D MarkII en HD”discussion on cinema5d
• “5D Mk II Low Light Testing @ Agave Nightclub” by Marco Soloriodiscussion on cinema5d
• Alpine hiking with crampons in Sykkylven, Norway by Jan-Gunnar Hole – you really must download the file to see this in its full glory.
• EOS 5D MK II Set Afloat by Ron Coker
• 001 The Establishment – Wasatch Official Production Podcast by Parker Cross and 002 Momentum – Wasatch Official Production Podcast – part 1 and 2 of an HD podcast (again download full size)

• The other day, i was shooting in the high school auditorium and it was darn dark. I bumped up the ISO and was getting OK photos, but when checking them in the LCD, i wasn’t seeing things as crisply as i wanted. Then the lightbulb went off – heck i remember putting something in the wiki about the High ISO settings and so i went into the menus and turned off the “High ISO speed noise reduction” – which is in the custom functions (C.Fn II: Image section). What a difference that made!

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