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I posted a note the other day about someone figuring out the encryption keys to the 5D2 firmware. Looks like they’ve hooked up on the canonhack.com site (read end of comments).

And yes, we’re still trying to find those elusive batteries! Everyone is looking for them and I'm trying to find some. Please keep watching this blog – sign up for the RSS too! (The RSS is now supplied by feedburner). UPDATE: my vendor had 6 available, i posted on twitter and i think they’re all gone already.

For all the talk about the failures in Antarctica, this user wasn’t afraid to shoot in the powder in Utah. “Powder Mountain Perspective” by Ian Provo (download full size!)

Everyone also talking about the promo video for the group Fight Like Apes (see videos section) – partially done with the 5D mk ii.

Kindle 2.0 announced by Amazonpre-order now for Feb 24 release!

Buy a 5D mk ii! (note the BUY link at the top – updated regularly)

None of the online stores indicate ‘in stock’ but the Adorama site says they have some coming soon – so order now. This still appears to be the best online option – i had 2 bodies filled from affiliated purchases yesterday thru Adorama. Don’t forget this blog post i made about their stock process.

In the UK, simplyElectronics has the body and kit back in stock

More News
• WPPI conventioneers will get a treat – they’re running a scavenger hunt and the info is posted on epichunt.com. The grand prize is a 5D mk ii! (note as of this writing the site is empty – but it was announced on twitter)
• Photography bay has an article about a patent Canon’s filed that will give Faster Autofocus for Canon EOS DSLR Live View Mode 

• “Powder Mountain Perspective” by Ian Provo (same as above)
• Fight Like Apes – “Tie Me up in Jackets” by Eoghan Kidney Q&A WITH DIRECTOR OF FIGHT LIKE APES' NEW PROMO

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