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Derrick Story does an entire podcast on the 5D mk ii"Field Test of the Canon 5D Mark ll" – Digital Photography Podcast 163 . He talks about the 5D mk ii he used during a wedding over the weekend. Derrick has been blogging about the wedding as well Wedding Photographer Chronicles: Chapter 1, the Rehearsal Wedding Photographer Chronicles: Chapter 2, Analyzing the Church Wedding Photographer Chronicles: Chapter 3, During the Ceremony. Nigel Honey also did a podcast featuring the 5D2

And coolio for me, today i found a bit of coverage for planet5d.com on this Italian blog (translated to English)

I went back and finally watched the Canon 5D mk ii Master class – well worth a watch especially if you’re newish to the camera.

Kindle 2.0 announced by Amazonpre-order now for Feb 24 release!

Buy a 5D mk ii! (note the BUY link at the top – updated regularly)
None of the online stores indicate ‘in stock’ but the Adorama site says they have some coming soon – so order now. This still appears to be the best online option – i had 2 bodies filled from affiliated purchases yesterday thru Adorama. Don’t forget this blog post i made about their stock process.

In the UK, simplyElectronics has the body and kit back in stock

• Rumor: 24/25p on the way? Northlight images posts a rumor of firmware changes coming
• Denton images provides coverage of the “problems” with the canons from the luminous landscape antarctic trip.
• “american | disciples, camera test # 1” by Hunter Richards — very good description of the process and the outcomes – a must see not for the quality of the material, but because of the description that goes with the film giving lots of information.
• “Resonance – "Minus 1" by Jesse Pepin
• “The Douro Train, a portuguese trip.” by Pedro Guimarães some beautiful scenery here!
• "Stubborn" Music Video featuring the Lincoln MKS by Michael Stern

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