Why Searchie?

Searchie – a New Tool You Want to Think About Using

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Searchie is amazing.

Searchie is new… well, it's over a year old, but it still has that new car smell.

Searchie will change the way you manage your content.


So why am I so excited about searchie?

And why have I created not just one, but two sites about searchie called searchiepro and searchiehubs?

And how the heck does it apply to filmmaking?

Let's start with that question.

Searchie is:

  • A search engine for your videos. Something you've never even considered before. I'll explain in a bit.
  • A transcription service
  • A video hosting site
  • With the new searchieHUBS, it becomes a private ‘Netflix' for your videos. It also can be a membership site or a place to sell and manage your courses.
  • A simple screen recording tool or maybe even your camera.
  • A video management system
  • And all of the above applies to audio as well… imagine what you could do if you have a podcast!

But even that's probably still confusing.

How about this Searchie explanation?

For the longest time, video/audio content creators have been overwhelmed when it comes to finding that clip that they really needed to find.

It is about time that problem is solved!

We learned long ago not to go searching because it was too hard. Ever try to go back to your family home movies to find something? Yea, we gave up trying that!

But Searchie is a new way of transcribing your videos and then giving your viewers a way to search that content to get answers.

Here’s how searchie defines themselves: The solution to content overwhelm – Transform your audio and video content into a powerful search platform, making it more accessible and easier to consume.”

Think of Google search (at the word level of text content) but for a collection of YOUR videos!

Imagine a search engine totally dedicated to your video content!

This has never been done before but I believe this will change the way you do video management and share it with your viewers forever.

So how does this apply to planet5D readers?

I know that searchie was mainly build for entrepreneurs and as a learning management system (for hosting training and memberships for example), but how would this apply to filmmakers?

One way would be for editors to find segments of content or finding the clip with that line of dialog you remember, but can't figure out what scene it was.

Ok, that's a pretty long video… I do tend to get a bit wordy. I appreciate your patience.

But maybe that gives you some ideas on how this might improve the way you get to content or the way you share them.

planetMitch note: the videos shared here are HOSTED on searchie AND you're watching in the Searchie player.

So that's an introduction to searchie. I'm not even sure I've managed to give you a clear understanding of the power of the tool, but it is a start dang it. Maybe I've raised more questions than given answers. If that's true, I'm sorry.

Searchie's new… it is exciting… it can be confusing… and it is going to change the world mark my words.

Let me know what you think.

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