Sad day for this camera! “how to lose $2400 in 24 seconds”

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Hopefully this guy will read my comment about drying the camera out with rice as was done in this post from 2009 here on planet5D… always remember – if electronics get wet, dry them as best as you can (without heat) – and then place them in a big bag of uncooked white rice for a few days. The rice should absorb the moisture.

how to lose $2400 in 24 seconds

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Actually the water doesn't usually totally destroy electronics right off the bat – in fact, many electronic parts can be washed in purified water (or some even wash their keyboards in the dishwasher)… as long as they get dried properly and there isn't debris clogging up the circuits, your electronics may indeed work.

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  1. Wow! That money lost count down is funny, but the reality of the incident isn’t. I’m amazed how fast that water level went from ground level to what, 4 feet? Good lesson for everyone, don’t challenge mother nature with a DSLR.

  2. thats just stuped i dont know why he dident pick it up its not like he was taking long exp’s just making a video unless he was looking through the VF and got smacked from the side. but i think the lesson is if you are shooting at the beach and the water is ruff put a rain coat on the cam,stay by the cam or use a zoom lens and back up lol

  3. The point about water not necessarily damaging the unit is broadly correct. Pure water won’t do much damage — it’s the water’s ionic content that causes corrosion, electronics failure, etc.

    Before trying to dry the camera, I would flush it several times with distilled water. When the distilled water evaporates, it should (in theory) leave nothing behind to damage the electronics, or interfere with their operation.

    Almost 25 years ago, I accidentally dropped an Olympus XA in a stream. Once it dried out, it worked. And it’s still working.

  4. Well, think about it, it’s a good way to market your footage 🙂 at least your data isn’t destroyed 🙂

    But, question is, why leave it there?lol… I mean, poor camera!!

    1. Author

      My understanding is that he put it higher than any of the earlier waves had been and then walked away a bit… but then there was this tide or freak wave that came in.

  5. Salt water is highly corrosive to many metal surfaces unless completely depleted of oxygen. Dried salts will attract moisture from the air and bridge circuit board traces causing electrical shorts. I have heard that the proper technique to forestall irreversible corrosion is to keep the electronics bagged in salt water until they can be placed in a succession of batches of degassed demineralized water avoiding oxygen exposure. Degassed water can be made by boiling water for 5 minutes and capping it tightly before cooling to room temperature. After soaking slowly and carefully with multiple water changes in a closed container to minimize oxygen induced corrosion, the elctronics can be removed and placed inot a vacuum container and slowly evacuted to promote water evaporation under oxygen free conditions. Note that DSLR cameras contain shutters and other moving parts so disassembly, cleaning and regreasing at a certfied repair station having access to laminar flow cleanroom filtered air supplies may be needed to restore performance. Supposedly, electronics and camers have been removed from river rafting deep pools after years of submersion and restored to working performance using some or all of these techniques. I once restored performance to a submerged laptop but the screen falied shortly after 6 months of use following this incident. The battery did need immediate replacement.

  6. Why is B&H rewarding that moron for his stupidity with either new free gear or a discount it was his fault plain and simple. so if i drop my camera will b&h give me one for free or do i need to have a camera worth thousands and be slightly kinda famous. the way i see it the guy did this to himself and shouldnt be reward for his stupidity

    1. Author

      My understanding from reading other sites talk about the B&H issue was that the guy spent a lot of money at B&H and they wanted to treat him well… but I’m also a bit on your side… would they do it for just anyone? Or is it publicity for them?

      1. It is business. Treating your customers well is business, enjoying free publicity is business. But neither the photographer nor B&H aren’t harming anybody, so if they are happy, I am happy for them.

        And I know plenty of people that would just hide the footage in shame, so good for him to share it.

  7. A friend of mine dropped a Nikon D3 with a Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 lens in salt water off a jet ski. Not something I would recommend but…..

    Retrieved it, rushed to shore, washed in in fresh water and thought that would be the end of it. Took it into Camera Electronic in Perth, WA. They checked it over thoroughly said there was nothing wrong with it.

    Still going strong 2 years later.

    Now that’s impressive.

  8. The whole incident was setup by B&H. Tbe camera was in a UW housing, thus the reason they had this footage to begin with. Oh well, whatever, B&H usually has the best price and is very reputable, if creating a viral video with deception is what tbey want to do, doesn’t bother me.

  9. Brings to mind a simiiar incident in Iceland . Only its a 13k Hasselblad H4D31. Simply brought back to Hotel – blow dry and Towel Dry . It worked all over the next day BUT……..
    Sea Water Corossion ???????
    Anyway the Scenes are simiiar – Volanic Rocks and Sand and Glacier Ice. At least 6 others shooting on Beach with various Hassys coz Hassy Workshop ! Sept 2011 !

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