cineLook for HDSLRs – give your HDSLR footage an instant cinema look

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Our friend Denver Riddle over at colorGradingCentral has come up with this FCPX plugin that will appeal to many of our HDSLR readers – it does a quick bang up job of creating a cinema look and feel for your DSLR video footage! Here's what cineLook for HDSLRs will do for you:

Tired of your HDSLR footage looking like video? Add a clean film look to your HDSLR footage with this plugin for FCP X.

The plugin was purpose built based on years of experience color correcting HDSLR material and client request for a clean film like look.

It includes support for Technicolor Cinestyle and basic noise reduction.


[tentblogger-vimeo 33179551]


[tentblogger-vimeo 33262603]


Here's what it does:

  • Easily imitate the color and look of film
  • Add ā€œSā€ curve similar to Technicolor LUT for CineStyle
  • Basic noise reduction
  • Add 2.35:1 Letterboxing
  • Add film effects like grain and dust
  • Add customizable vignette

What do you think?

So, doesn't cineLook seem useful? As a guy who's never done any color grading (yet), this looks like it is one handy way to do that work without having to learn all the details… or is that just taking the easy way out?

I can't wait to get my hands on cineLook for HDSLRs.

Blogger's Disclaimer: planet5D is an affiliate for color grading central and we do get a small commission to feed my family.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I donno. I guess if your the FCPX type then for $69 bucks this is decent. But if your working in a pro editor then these treatments are there already.

  2. This software is very cool, we are still struggling but perservering with FCPX in our workflow…and this kind of tool is a very welcome addition to the workflow. Just used it today on some commercial timelapse work and it looks great!

  3. weird noise and grain in the blacks. not what i am used in seeing in cinema. try harder.

  4. This just looks like the worst way to destroy perfectly good footage. All it seems to be is too much contrast, and really terrible noise, especially in the dark areas.

    They just call it “cine” to get people to buy it.

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