What the heck is a ‘diopter’?

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Now and then, we love to cover some of the different subjects related to HDSLRs and this guest post from David Huckabay fits right in… I mean who knew so much about Diopters?

David Huckabay talks Diopters

I am David Huckabay, an optics geek and avid photographer. I really enjoy reading the discussions on planet5D from fellow photographers with tips that are very insightful and helpful. Being an optics geek, I noticed that there are quite a few mentions on adjusting diopters especially to keep objects in focus but not many people understand the science behind a diopter and how it really works. So I have created this easy to read “Infographic” that I think can be very helpful to you and our fellow photographers out there having problems with manual focus and do away with the frustration of capturing blurred images but truly understand what a diopter is.


You can review the graphic here on David's site

Diopter Infographic

Created by David Huckabay at SMTInspection.com Microscopes

Thank you very much! Let us keep capturing amazing moments through great photographs!

David Huckabay
SMTInspection.com Microscopes


  1. That’s a graphic about diopters. So when are you going to explain what a “Diaopter” is?

  2. Great technical explanation, perhaps he should have explained why diopters are on imaging devices in the first place…because the humans behind the glass get older, and our eyes less malleable and able to focus on close objects! A phenomenon that I’ve oh so recently discovered..lol.

  3. LOVE IT ! I’m always looking for ways to link math to media tools (photography, film, etc..) for teaching. I’ve already got a hands-on activity in mind for the ‘worksheet’ you’ve provided. THANK YOU!

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