Tuesday February 3

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I decided to make the blog summary page hold a lot more of the text – maybe it is easier to read… comments (please post them at the bottom of today’s blog post not in the summary).

Availability and buying news (note the BUY link at the top – updated regularly)
Adorama has both kits and bodies in stock!

• johngarcia on twitter asks “@planetMitch Never figured out how to get my full resolution 5DMKII h.264 mov's to play via ps3. Any ideas?” (feel free to post an answer in the comments below)
• Canon 5D mk ii – USAir flight #1549 towed thru the streets from @quintano_media
• Juan Pons of WildNaturePhoto.com points out this workaround for the iMovie 09 crash with full size 5D2 video. “The easiest workaround, if you can call it easy is to transcode your 5DmkII video into "Apple Intermediate Codec" using QT Pro. Then import that into iMovie 09. The crashes are due to the realtime H.264 decompression. you will also find iMovie much more responsive when using the intermediate codec” Thanks!

• Cnet UK Review

• rareformfilms' photostream an unboxing
• gmwils' photostream – some flickr fisheye images

• Updated 5D Mark II to Firmware 1.0.7 Posted by Disso Photo includes a video with partial nudity (NSFW).
• Monster Truck Show by See the Light

• Best way to convert a frame from HD Video to Print? (taken from the 5D2 group on yahoo)

Download the QuickTime player from apple.com It is free and works on both the Mac and PC. www.apple.com/quicktime/
Scan through your movie, with the scrubber bar, to the frame you want to print and choose File->Print. (PC menu options may be different).The quality is far superior to any screen capture program. Keep in mind that the camera is filming at 1920×1080 which is around the same as a 2 megapixel camera.
Oh, I have upgraded mine to QuickTime Pro ($20-$30) and so the option may or may not be available in the free version but you can always try.

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