5D mk ii problems?

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Several reports coming in of problems with the 5D mk ii. Previously, we reported the Luminous Landscape Antarctica trip problems, well, here’s a more in depth followup on their site. “A Stretch” By Chris Sanderson – small quote: “Let's be clear at the outset – the video files from the Canon 5D Mkii are very good and very useable, as has been shown by many examples posted on the web. I don't think anyone needs confirmation at this stage that the Canon 5D MkII produces very good stills and good HD video. Rather, for me the question was whether this camera could be used successfully to cover both stills and video in the field. The answer is ‘maybe…'. Know the limitations of the camera and possibly discover your own – as I did.”

Also, DentonImages is reporting Vingetting Problem with Liveview and the followup More LiveView Vignetting

Is it me, or do we love to find problems and make them into big news? Maybe I’m just too optimistic to get all hot and bothered about these things?

Check the who has stock page

• The Canon EOS 5D Mark II – simple model of care or paradigm shift? A report by Stefan Gross translated from German. Includes a nice table of comparisons between the 5D2 and 5D, 50D, and 1Ds mark iii – overall a very complete report!
• EOS 5D v EOS 5D Mark II from the Virtual Traveler – has 3 parts with very good discussion.
• EOS 5D2 “home tested” mini review with lots of ISO samples – translated from Dutch
• Since hardly wishes to remain open By Michael Speh translated from German
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