Confirmation of firmware patches coming?

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As we pointed out in the post a few minutes ago about the Ghost Whisperer on CBS, there was an interview done with Tim Smith from Canon at the NAB conference last week. In the video, Tim makes several interesting points.

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Here are a few things Tim mentions (see the video at the bottom of this post):

  • The Canon 5D mk ii was made for AP and Reuters as cameras for the reporters to be able to shoot photos as well as video.
  • The video is so compelling, the 5D2 is ‘getting dragged' over into film and television production (this seems to have been a surprise to Canon)
  • There were lots of accessories that instantly sprang up
  • 5D mk ii is in heavy back order – demand is huge
  • Canon has heard about the 24fps request – “yes we are working on that”… “we are seeing what we can do to this camera and obviously, in future product as well.”

So, is that confirmation that Canon is indeed working on putting advanced features in this camera? We've heard rumors running around the web and this post at indicates that “the new 5D Mark II firmware is on location on the Iron Man 2 set. Apparently the cameras are in Morocco at the moment.”


We noted that in our post about the Ghost Whisperer, that the Ghost Whisperer producer blog includes this comment “Fact: Iron Man 2 is using this camera as well but you have to wait until 2010 to see the results.”

So, it seems more and more likely that we may indeed see a firmware patch… just what is included is still yet to be confirmed.

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Edit: Oh, I forgot to include the video…. here's the interview!

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  1. He, that is great news! I knew Canon would react after Nikon answer to Stu!

    Now the question is: are they also going to give us full control? I just bought a few Nikon lenses and adapters so I guess they will, just to screw me up! grr!

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  5. Great post. Very interesting interview. Promising too.

    Competitors are smart, they are coming and coming strong. They will take advantage of Canon’s mistakes if Canon doesn’t do anything.

    Canon got too many frustrated customers. Better Canon release a firmware update SOON that does not get more frustration… Loyalty could be at risk.

    In the meantime we keep letting them know HOW MUCH we are interested and requesting for FULL MANUAL CONTROLS:

    Thanks a lot to everyone supporting EVERY effort to encourage Canon to do these implementations and improvements.

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