I have never been a person of many lenses, preferring a small, matched set of top quality, same-brand lenses with focal lengths from moderately wide to moderately long. Usually European brands of the highest quality that I could afford.

But when Olympus released the first of its high-end professional M.Zuiko Pro zoom and prime lenses, I was impressed and decided to add the system to my collection for shooting documentaries and short movies.

I may be adding Veydra’s Mini Primes for Micro Four Thirds hybrid and movie cameras to this list after I can borrow a set to try them out, and the same applies to the Voigtlaender Nokton MFT prime, especially in their Duclos Lenses mod versions.

There are quite a few great lenses, manual and auto, prime and zoom, available now especially for Micro Four Thirds when adapted or native and I keep a close eye on new developments.

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