“How to Light an Interview” Free Webcast Tuesday November 11th!

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Lighting interviews are one of the most common things that all video content creators are asked to do.

Join me for a free webcast on How to Light an Interview Part II (The Setups) on Tuesday November 11th at 1pm CST.

During this webcast I will break down 6-8 different interview setups I have done over the past year. What is great is I will not only show you exactly how the Key, fill and backlight/rim light impacted the overall look of the setup but also I will show you what the exact lights that were used and any additional diffusion and/or gels.

I will walk you step by step through interviews that are in small rooms, large spaces, dark locations and rooms where there are a lot of shinny surfaces.

If you have any questions you can ask me questions live and find out new tricks that can assist you in your next production.

How to Light an Interview Part II

This is a followup course to expand upon the first How to Light an Interview Webinar. Go in depth on specific lighting setups, how to choose and place your lights and how to “paint” your entire frame with light, not just your subject. Get even more tips to help you on your next job!

Here are images from one of the scenes we lit. You will start with the final lighting then we will turn off each light one by one so you can see how it affects the scene.  You’ll learn a lot more about how to accomplish this in the webcast!

This is the final lighting setup.

This is the final lighting setup.


Same setup with only the backlight turned off.

Now the 12x12 lighting the Texas flag is turned off.

Now the 12×12 lighting the Texas flag is turned off.


Now the fill light is off.

Another 12x12 light on the American flag is turned off.

Another 12×12 light on the American flag is turned off.


Lastly all the lights turned off so only available light is left.


Check out How to Light An Interview Part I.

  • See how each light effects the subject you're shooting.
  • Learn when to use bounced light vs light fixtures
  • Add negative fill in a bright environment
  • How to light the entire room; not just your subject.
  • Finding the little “extra” to fill your final frame.

Learn more about the webcast “How to Light an Interview Part II” with Barry Andersson

(cover photo credit: snap from Barry Anderson)

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