Zoom Lens for GoPro?

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I have a love hate relationship with GoPro cameras. I have to use them on more and more of the productions I am on and in some cases they are exactly what I need and other times I loath having to use them.

One of my biggest issues is the lack of inter-changeable lenses. I want to be able to match the footage I am shooting as best I can in camera so everything cuts together as seemlessly as possible in post.

Since GoPros give you the ability to choose your field of view in the camera this has been my limitation. However, recently I ran across a small varifocal zoom lens for GoPro cameras.

It is a 2.8MM-12MM Modified Lens from RageCams. The usable focal range is 3mm-10mm unless you want to use shims or O rings to dial in the lens to a different focal range.

The biggest drawback is that it only currently works on GoPro 1 and 2 units and not on the 3 or 4 models as of yet.

Check out this sample footage shot on a GoPro2 with this lens.

Is this a lens you would consider adding to your tool chest? Happy Shooting!


Zoom Lens for GoPro: Gopro 12mm lens

Test video shot on the gopro hero 2 with 2.8-12mm RageCams zoom lens. Film look done in Vegas pro.


Via RageCams:

Special thanks to Mwaala Kalenga from Namibia showing macro focusing & cinematic examples from this lens.

Will not work on hero3 or hero3+, we are working on that though. This is the worlds first varifocal megapixel lens for the GoPro 960, 1080p hero1 & hero2 only.

Varifocal lenses allow you to adjust the range of focus on your camera from wide angle to narrow view. Simply twist the lens to zoom in or out or to focus in on any object at any range.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. If you’re finishing in 1080p/2k, and you use the new 4k GoPro, your field of view is anything from fully wide down to a 1080/2k portion of the frame.  Essentially, that gives you a post-production version of a zoom lens on the GoPro.  That seems to me like it would be cleaner than this “fix” even if you lose some advantages of downsampling.  Plus, you’ll retain the better color science of the newer models.

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