Severe Weather Sequences Captured From This Amazing Timelapse Video

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There are time lapse videos all over the Internet, but few can approach the majesty and beauty of those by Nicholaus Wegner. Learn how he accomplished this tour de force collection from the Fstoppers article, “Stunning Timelapse Video Reveals The Beauty And Ferocity Of The West.”

And yes, he was almost hit by lightning more than once!

About the video “Wyoming Wildscapes II

From Nicolaus Wegner:

This project was created for two reasons. My love for Wyoming and all of the beautiful landscapes and wild weather it has to offer. And my interest in sharing that view with those around me. Watching the stars at night high in the mountain wilderness, experiencing a meteor shower in the lower basins, having a supercell spinning directly overhead on the high plains, watching lightning play across the hills and prairies, trying to stand up against 60mph ground blizzard creating winds in the dead of winter, all the while spending much of that time with the love of my life, my amazing and ever patient wife…that is how I quantify this endeavor.

From fstoppers:

Part of what makes this timelapse stand out from others is the inclusion of some amazing severe weather sequences. Putting oneself in a dangerous situation was something Nicolaus had to do on a few occasions, but smartly didn’t stray too far from his car.

“I had a couple of very close strikes while setting up gear during the severe storms this summer. Terrifying experiences. You don’t want to get too far away from a vehicle if you don’t have to when severe weather is in play. For the snow and rain, best I could do was wrap extra rain gear and bags around the moisture sensitive parts. Had a bunch of failed winter shots due to gear freezing up, but there’s not much you can do about that without carrying a battery and wires around.”

Besides a motion slider system, Nicolaus’s kit was kept small so that he could be light on his feet and quick in his setup. His camera bag typically had the following:

Canon 1dsMIII
Canon 5dMII
Canon 70-200L f4
Canon 16-35MII

Wyoming Wildscapes II image 1

Fun facts behind the making of this video:

– Every single frame of this video was photographed in Wyoming.

– 14 months from first shutter click to final edit.

– Somewhere in the range of 150 days out driving, walking, backpacking, shooting, and exploring (stopped counting after the first 4 months so I'm guessing here).

– 20,000 miles driven (mostly during the storm chasing from June-August).

More Fun Facts HERE

Learn more about how Nicolaus' completed this project on fstopper's article: “Stunning Timelapse Video Reveals The Beauty And Ferocity Of The West

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