All New and Improved Video Transmitters from Teradek’s Line of Bolt Products

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Breaking news from NAB! Teradek has made a reputation for reliable, affordable and powerful wireless video products. Announcing their Bolt line, Teradek adds more connectivity (both HDMI and 3G-SDI) on transmitters and quieter operation on new fan-less receivers. Read on for a really big new feature on the Bolt Pro 600 and 2000 models!

The new Bolt Pro systems offer enhanced connectivity, transmission range, and flexibility

From Teradek Press:

IRVINE, Calif.–Teradek, the world leader in wireless video products, announced today 3 new video transmission systems for their popular line of Bolt products. The Bolt Pro 300, 600, and 2000 now come with both an HDMI and 3G-SDI input on the TX and ship with newly designed fan-less receivers, including one with the patent-pending GRAB engine, which turns the Bolt Pro into the world’s first wireless video capture card.

The short range Bolt Pro 300, middle range Bolt Pro 600, and long range Bolt Pro 2000 transmit uncompressed 10bit RGB video at less than 1ms of latency. Each system is multicast capable up to 4 receivers so you can send your feed to multiple destinations at the same time.

The most exciting addition to the line is the new receiver with GRAB engine for Bolt Pro 600 and 2000 models. The device offers both 3G-SDI and USB 3.0 outputs so users can ingest Bolt’s uncompressed 10bit RGB video feed directly into a DIT Cart, NLE computer or live production switcher with no added delay or further conversion required. Since the GRAB engine supports the ubiquitous USB 3.0 Video Class, your Bolt Pro receiver with GRAB engine appears like a built-in video source to your software and will work in any Windows or Mac applications that support video. The unit comes in the same fan-less chassis as the standard model 600 & 2000 receiver and includes a built-in LCD for checking your link status and pairing additional Bolt receivers while you’re on the go.

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The new Bolt systems will be showcased along with the Company’s other products at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), from April 7-10, 2014 at Booth C8218.

The new Bolt Pro systems offer enhanced connectivity, transmission range, and flexibility

The new Bolt Pro systems offer enhanced connectivity, transmission range, and flexibility


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