RANT: “The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Doesn’t Have…”

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Canon announced the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and I spent the day yesterday reading the internet – and frankly I'm getting pretty damn sick of all the bitching and whining on the internet including all the people saying the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV doesn't have this or that feature.

Yea, I'm going there.

First, I agree that there could have been some amazing video features in the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and I'm also disappointed that we didn't get several things, but it is obvious that Canon has chosen not to go there (see more below)… and I understand there's disappointment, but the outright bitching and stupidity going on just irks me. Call me a “Canon fanboy” if you want, but I think they're making logical decisions based on what they see in the market.

These are some of the actual comments I read (with my comebacks):

“1.74x crop for video? That's not far off Micro 4/3. Better to wait for the Panasonic GH5 me thinks, which will apparently do 6K, and 4K at 60P. If the rumours are correct.” (Um sure, nobody can shoot any 4k with things like Micro 4/3 right? Oh wait, the GH4 is a M4/3 sensor… no reason to think the GH5 will be full frame)

“No articulating screen? Cmon Canon that's so useful for video!!!!” (yea, I kinda wished for that one too but at least I got touch screen)

“Again, Canon drops the ball. This is a stills camera only.” (hello? That is EXACTLY what the 5D series has been since day 1 – video was not its main goal – ever -).

“Nobody can use the 4K with that 1.7 crop. There's no point.” (Um what's the crop factor on most RED cameras? There are very few full frame video cameras which is why the Canon EOS 5D Mark II was so amazing)

“DSLR's are dead anyways. I've gone Sony Mirrorless.” (I still don't get this one… that's a whole other rant from me – there's not THAT much difference between mirrorless and a DSLR!)

“What? No 60fps in 4k? Stupid” (guess what, there are other tools that will do that – if you need it, go buy/rent one of those)

Folks, I think you need to just do what your mother taught you – “If you don't have anything nice do say, then don't say anything.”

I've said this on the DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast and anywhere people will listen:

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV may NOT be for you!

And that's OK!

Not every damn product is right for every person. 


Canon has designed a DSLR that does what 80-90% of the market needs. I've said this before until i'm blue in the face too: Not everyone needs 4k! 4k video is still such a small hunk of the market. Growing but Canon's growing into that market too.

People bitched like crazy about the Canon XC10 – but you know what? Canon probably DID NOT DESIGN IT FOR YOU! I talked with several people who bought the XC10 and absolutely thought it was exactly what they needed for their situation and needs. Those are the people Canon designed it for. Sure, it was a small segment of the population of people shooting video, but that doesn't make it the ‘stupidest product ever' (which I heard several people say).

If a product doesn't appeal to you that does NOT mean “it is the most stupid product in the world,” it simply means you are not the target audience.

I know that's hard for you to hear, but get over it and please quit bitching*.

Canon will sell a stink load of Canon EOS 5D Mark IVs and they will make a lot of money.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is an insanely good camera spec wise and it is marketed at the photography professional who also needs to shoot video. This is NOT NOT NOT a video camera that also shoots photos. It NEVER has been! WAKE UP!

Sure, some of you are now storming off to SonyLand or PanasonicLand and frankly, Canon is OK with that!

I said on the DSN podcast yesterday morning that there are people that don't like me and I'm ok with it – it took me a while to learn that lesson. Same with Canon. I cannot please everyone and neither can Canon. Nor should they try.

Canon are masters at marketing. They know who will buy their products and they make them for those people. If it isn't for you, that is OK. I have seen plenty of people bitching that Canon has “lost touch with the market” and I can't tell you how wrong those folks are. Canon knows exactly what they're doing and they're selling a ton of cameras and lenses!

And frankly, I feel like even if Canon gave some people everything they wanted, they'd still complain simply because that's the way they are – constant, negative people.

Why does everyone have to go online and bitch and moan? I guess it makes them feel good. Well it doesn't help you or anyone else for that matter. I'm trying very hard to surround myself with positive people and I'm maybe just more aware of the complaining going on, but others have said i'm not the only one noticing.

Facebook and youtube for example seem to just be a bitchiest. Very few people ever say anything complimentary.

So, if you'd like to be improving yourself (and I hope you do), then take a moment and think about whether your complaining online is necessary. Sure, I complain, but I'm trying my best not to (tho maybe this whole rant is a complaint and I'm being very two-faced?) and I think about my words carefully online these days.

If you want to effect change about the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, the right place to go is to Canon directly and let them know your thoughts. I do it when ever I get the chance. I ask them for improvements that I think will help make me a better photographer or filmmaker. They listen very graciously and make notes and send them along up the line. It all adds up.

I didn't get everything I would have liked to have seen in the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and I've mentioned several of those things on the Podcast and the Live Panel Barry, Deejay, and I did online the other night, but they're all things that I've told Canon directly too!

And yes, I'm buying the new Canon EOS 5D Mark IV from my local camera shop (schillers.com) and I plan to test it side by side with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III so keep your eyes out for those!

Please spend your time being positive and supportive. You'll live a happier life and the world will be a better place.


* note… I realize nobody will probably listen to me on this, but maybe, just maybe, if I can get one of you to think about improving yourself then I'll be happy.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below and please be nice about it – I will delete comments if they're not appropriate.


The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is kicking ASS in the sales department (#1 on amazon in DSLR category after just 1 day):


(cover photo credit: snap from Canon)


  1. Well said. I completely agree with you. Film makers whinging about this camera not having all the specs that film makers want, guess what canon does have a line of video cameras. It’s like me buying a video camera and bitching that the camera isn’t made properly for my stills work. The 5D mk iv looks great, true the articulating screen would be cool but I haven’t really needed one so far so I guess i’ll get over it.

    1. Could not agree more. Canon did not have to include video at all yet it did. It also makes amazing video equipment . If you want video buy a video camera. The 5D Mark 4 is principally a stills camera with an excellent range in which to work, both in ISO terms and camera functionality. I use it with a 300mm f2.8 lens and x2 converter to shoot birdlife in all sorts of conditions and it produces the results I had hoped it would….faultlessly! It operated well on an autumn light shoot recently at a UK stately home, catching the colours and changing light conditions all day! Resolution at 30 megapixels is the step up from the Mark 3 that was needed. Well done to Canon .
      As others have stated it cannot be all things to all people, just like cars, choose the one you get on with best and go with it. If Canon doesn’t suit, go somewhere else and stop complaining about trivia.

  2. When we’ve all become as invested in a company as a lot of us have with Canon we kinda want to think that since they’ve had a track record of coming up with “amazing” things such as the 1DX, the 5D3 and now even the 5DSR and the 1DX2 that they’re going to “take care of us” with the release of the newer “amazing 5D3″… I am among those that are a tad underwhelmed with the 5D4.

    I had 2 5D3’s, I had 4 1DX’s… I now have 3 1DX2’s and 1 5DSR… if you start doing some simple math of how much data the 1DX2 or the 5DSR can move (which I need not remind you has simply slapped new tech into an old body, which the 5D4 is not…) you can quickly come up with the fact that Canon has gone light on us and made a “lesser” model than what they’re really capable of with the 5D4… and when we see other companies that seem to be pushing the envelope, albeit with some, for lack of a better term at this moment, “issues”, we tend to sidestep those “issues” and just go spec racing and proclaim how Canon is behind the curve….

    We want Canon to make us an amazing camera because when you’re out there and you’re standing next to someone on the field/gym/dance recital/portrait studio/etc. you want to feel confident that you have “the best”, particularly when you’re spending $3500 for JUST the body because you’ve already invested more than a car into Canon glass…

    So back to my “processing power” statement… Do some simple math with 5 FPS and 50 megapixel files (I’m getting somewhere around 70mb files, you can pick ANY number and the 5DSR whomps the 5D4 in processing power) and then when you take the 1DX2 at 14 FPS and 20 megapixel files… you get the point… Canon is capable of moving more data… but they chose not to with this body…. I’m still scratching my head on this one… not even 8 FPS, which would match the 1DMk2 or the original 7D, both very old models now…

    And I realize this it NOT a video camera and am actually thankful that it is not… however, (and I get all the arguments with heat…) when you look at the 5D3 and 1DX and compare the video specs, they were pretty equal… so albeit we’re now years later (but Canon sold a ton of 5D3’s as video cameras), one could draw a conclusion that the two top models could again be more similar in their video offerings… but no… again, is opting to go “lesser” on us.

    So, while I agree with your comments in general Mitch about Canon being the smart marketing machine… the track record of Canon and the “performance” in terms of their newest “all around” camera are a bit underwhelming… Dustin Abbott stated it best in his “why pros are preordering the 5D4” YouTube video… because it has specs “close enough” to my list of desires… When you’re as invested in Canon (many bodies and many L lenses) as I am, I’m not really sure I’m comfortable with “close enough” with a new release when the competition is getting so good and Canon’s two more recent “pro” models have been so good and envelope pushing (the 1DX2 and 5DS/5DSR)….

    A bit underwhelmed with the 5D4, Canon has “recently” done better…

  3. I agree, Mitch. I’ve got the 4 on pre-order, too, looking forward to trying out the DPAF and HDR, in particular. Sure, I’ll explore the 4k and slo-mo, but for me they’re add-ons at the moment.

  4. Still… compared to GH4, and A7, it’s disappointing especially when you compare prices. I own two 5DMKIII and have come to really dislike the 8 bit footage. It falls apart quicker when grading and just has a dull look with respect to colors. I bought a GH4, 4K external recorder/monitor, SSD, and speed booster/adapter for less than what the 5DMKIV costs giving me 4K and 10 bits per channel color. I fully expect the GH5 to have low light capability which to my mind is the only thing lacking in the GH4.

  5. From what I’ve seen and heard from my portrait and wedding photographer friends, it’ll be wildly popular. Although I don’t see a compelling reason to upgrade based on specs alone. I still need to see the final images. It doesn’t interest me as a sports shooter. I guess I was hoping they’d put enough frames per second into it to use as a backup body. 1 additional fps doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade. And the 7D2, at 10fps, doesn’t cut it for me compared to the 1DXs. Just too much difference in the final image. Especially at night games.

    I’ve got the 5D3 and it works just fine. I don’t use it all that much anymore, since I have the 1DX and 1DX2. But, it served as a slow backup body for several years that provided similar final images to the 1DX in a pinch.

    I’m sure there are plenty of people who will want to upgrade to it just to upgrade. After all, who wants a FOUR YEAR OLD (5D3) CAMERA!!

    It may be the wifi that attracts them. I’ve had a few cameras with wifi and haven’t found it all that useful or user-friendly. I still seem to fall back on my iPhone for those instances. Even at professional sporting events. And Canon’s versions have been excruciatingly difficult to use. Not to mention expensive. The touch screen on the 1 DX2 is nice, but has very limited applications. I hope they added more usability to the 5D4.

    I’m content with what I have. But I’m sure there will be plenty of 5D3s on the market.

    1. Author

      After testing against the 5D4, my 5D3 will be on the market 🙂 Tho I would have made more money on it selling it last week than in a couple after the glut of 5D3s hit 🙁

  6. Thank you for your thoughtfully crafted “rant.” So many times I feel the same way…I look forward to your tests of the 3 Marks.

  7. I purchased the 5DMark II primarily for its small footprint and video capabilities-and the fact that it shoots great photos! I shot a lot of video with it (documentary etc.)but at the time was still using my Canon Xl-h1–why because it had what a video cam needs (dual xlr etc., etc.) Yeah I could set the 5d up with accessories to do the same with better video–but it was just easier to use the real video cam which already had everything I needed on board! And even with changes in dslrs today I purchased the 5Ds–not for video but for its amazing photos! And I’m looking at a video cam for the full package video capability!

    This is just my opinion but if someone is serious about shooting video–buy a dedicated video camera! Sure the optimum would be a cam that does both really well without having to trick the cam setup into doing everything–but I don’t think it’s here yet (and if I missed something–please let me know)–when it arrives…I’ll probably be one of the first to purchase (well after the reviews come out!)

  8. Canon has apparently made an conscious decision to draw a line between still cameras that can also make movies, and cameras optimized for professional “movie-making”.

    My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that the still-photographer market for the 5D4 is much larger than the “serious movie-maker” market. I doubt Canon has anything to worry about (other than its poor user manuals — but that’s true of all camera companies).

  9. *** Heads up Mitch cause this may be one of those comments you will want to delete right off the bat. I have invested more in Canon products over the years than my house. Complaints and bitching if you prefer to call it, as well as those who are underwhelmed by the 5-4 are bought and paid for. We own Canon and it’s future. We didn’t buy into this company and it’s products to watch it “keep up with the market,” we’re here making a living not to be like everyone else and keep up with the competition, we’re here to excel beyond clients expectations. I see this on the internet all the time and it’s why I spend less and less time reading it but the headline got me and here I am reading another whiny bitch session about whiny bitch sessions.

    Taking issue with people who invest in companies then find them lacking in initiative and excellence and talk about it publicly is the essence of ridiculous for someone who makes THEIR living from those very same people Mitch. When I read reviews on products I don’t give a rats ass if the content is negative of glowing if it’s relevant to ME and my needs. I take it all in and sort it out. I doubt seriously there are many complete idiots left in this business who are bothering to read through these offerings here Mitch so I’m thinking none of us need to be scolded like a little kid for expressing opinions about the products we use to make a living. You’re are biting the hand that feeds you when you try to tell those making a living in this industry that they should just keep their mouths shut when their expectations aren’t met with the products they spend their money on. But it’s your site.

    Final thought- In this business you become trapped as with Apple in their ecosystem. It isn’t like you buy a Ford this year and next year you move to a GMC and there’s a seamless transition. Part of the reasons for the angst and bursting public disappointment may be because you can’t just pick up your 10s and 10s of thousands of dollars in investments in bodies and lenses and walk over to the other guys. You’re stuck. And when you’re disappointed it’s on a whole different level because most can’t afford to just move to another brand. EXPECTing more is a right that has been paid for with sweat equity, years of dedication and constant upgrading in knowledge creativity and equipment. To tell these dedicated professionals to just shut up if they don’t have anything nice to say is beneath the dignity and respect these professionals deserve.

    1. what petulant self serving nonsense. If you spent all that money and didn’t make a profit then you have other problems. If you did make a healthy profit, then you could afford Canons excellent Cinema camera’s to complement you stills camera. That’s what true professionals do as opposed to someone must spending a lot of money on kit. True professionals know better than to stake their future and fortune on any one company. You haven’t seemed to learn that lesson, in spite of all the money you’ve spent.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. Many of us have VERY deep investment in Canon’s products, and when we wait patiently for years, only to be bitterly disappointed, we’re supposed to just shut up, bend over, and quietly take it? OK…

      1. Author

        No… but bitching on the internet isn’t the answer… please go to Canon and tell them directly (as I said in the post) that’s where your voice will make the most impact anyway… or, march over and buy another brand – that works too

  10. It’s funny… I always had a 1D / 5D combination… 1D for sport (windsurf/kite), 5D for ‘everything else.. Started with the 1DmkII/5D, later the 5DmkII, followed by the combi 1DmkIV / 5DmkIII. 5D also used for video, allthough that shifted already a bit by the GH4 (with metabones, not a fan of that combi btw.) … the 4K of the GH4 blows the ‘normal’ quality of the 5DmkIII away,…. it’s a ‘draw’ getting RAW from the 5DmkIII but… that is not very usuable.

    Just sold my 1DmkIV, since… was 5 years old, 130000 clicks, and I could get a nice price for it still.. Skipped the 1D-X couple of years ago, since… couldn’t afford it. Now I have the money, so… bought the 1D-XmkII.. which is totally awesome.
    But… it’s that good now, for almost everything! Photography (obviously), and video! so… I have my 5D still as backup, but… probably never gonna use that as the primary camera anymore… But… i want to have a second camera which can cope with the 1D, or has something special on it’s own… Normally I would go for the ‘next 5D’, but… the 5DmkIV doesn’t offer me much ‘extra’, and still cost a whopping 4100 euro (here in Europe)… so… I’m probably also skip the 5DmkIV and, I tend to the 5Dsr , since that could fill the gap for ‘megamegamega’ pixels… but… then also the Sony A7RII comes into mind…. which has the megapixels and… the awesome clean ISO’s….

    All in all, don’t think I will get an 5DmkIV … and.. I think a lot of guys/girls will have similar reasoning… Sure the 5DmkIV will sell well, it’s (stil) cheaper then the 1D, and … it’s a lot better then the 80D or even the 7DmkII… but the 4grand, … will set a lot of customers back!! So… despite it’s probably a good camera,… I think they loose the battle a bit with NIkon and Sony… A lot of people switched already, which, nobody did in the period of the 5D(mkII)….

    But .. then again,… it’s true that most people demand the most ridiculouse things on camera’s… years ago, ‘swiping’ was consider ‘stupid’, on a DSLR… but now,… most find it a drawback (while the swipe on my GH4.. ehm, to put it mildly…

    1 funny thing I discovered… it’s nice that touch screen, AF with a push of your finger… but ehhh… most use loups or monitors… how do you use that touch then?? I surely hope that the dual pixel focus is that good on my 1D-XmkII since, there is no focuspeaking, and focussing based on the back LCD … sucks 🙂 So .. I have to rely on Canon’s system that everything is in focus :/

    Btw, everybody screams about Sony… and their 4K, but… I thoughed Sony had uge problems with overheating…. something Canon does not have (I hope, they explained that even the CFAst was designed to ‘channel’ heat away’ ) ..

  11. “Expectation postponed makes the heart sick, but a desire realized is a tree of life” so goes an ancient proverb.

    Canon accidentally created a “convergence” creation machine that thousands pounced on (myself included). I feel that if Canon could go back in time, they would never have approved video capability in any of their DSLRs. But the genie is out of the bottle. The convergence market’s expectation was that their desires for pro video features would be built into this version of the 5D. The thought was “surely after 8 years since the Mark II we would have the ultimate convergence camera!” Alas, that expectation was unrealized. Hence the major disappointment expressed (I think you expressed it, um, more colorfully).

    Convergence creators are the ones most disappointed with the 5D Mark IV because Canon has the capability to deliver and meet the needs and wants of convergence creators. It feels like an intentional slight and crippling of features that – I believed if were reversed – would see Canon crush it over and beyond what they are doing now with the sale of mid range DSLRs.

    The 5D Mark IV is no doubt a superb still camera with competent HD video baked in. However, Canon created this convergence market (perhaps to the regret of Canon management), and that convergence market audience feels they were intentionally jilted.

    I personally haven’t bought into other convergence cameras by Sony and Panasonic yet. I love Canon gear, I love the Canon image look, and I love their lenses. I get it that Canon may not want me – a convergence creative – as a customer – never mind that I along with other convergence bloggers (such as yourself) and podcasters and YouTubers have resulted in the sales of tens of thousands of Canon DSLRs to convergence creatives. I believe it’s a serious mistake for Canon to jilt the very market they created – albeit accidentally.

    1. Author

      Carl, eloquent as always. And as you and I always say as well, it is hard to judge on specs alone. Many people will make great 4k footage with this beast I predict and not whine about it not having xxxx feature.

    2. I think you hit the nail on the head Carl. I used to think Canon was ‘forward thinking’ by adding video to the 5DII and creating a revolution. Look, even Mitch’s blog name references it! But now I think it was an afterthought that took off. And Canon, still mired in the 20th century idea of eroding product lines, intentionally hobbles it latest offerings so as not to erode the 1DX series cameras or the C series cinema cameras.
      The truth is we want to believe Canon can innovate like Sony and others. But when their latest offerings are evolutionary and not revolutionary we’re disappointed and frustrated.

  12. Nicely done. This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time. Right on for sharing it and telling people to appreciate what is in the camera vs what is not.

    The Canon M4 may not be a camera we pick up. We migrated to the GH4s with Metabones adapters 2 years ago (after owning 3 Canon M2s and 3 Canon M3s). And then picked up the DVX200 which is very each to match to the GH4. Now, we mostly shoot in UHD because our clients don’t know what they don’t know — and we are future-proofing them. It actually saved our bacon with a shoot for Starbucks in Indonesia this year because it gave us many more b-roll options when they asked for more stories from the same footage. And once they
    researched what 4K is, they were ecstatic to know their footage is that large and ready for future projects.

    And now I’m doing what Canon probably meant for me to do — I’ve kept a Canon M3 and pack it to shoots where they ask me to shoot stills. It’s been a fabulous combination. And looking back, it all makes perfect sense on Canon’s part. They don’t want to cannibalize the C-100 to C-500 line that really is where they want the video market now. It’s not 2008 when they first introduced the M2, it’s 2016 and the market adapted.

  13. No “bitching”….. Just would rather ignore promotional salivating of a few small upgrades when the cost to hand off my mk II for one of these can easily and more wisely, cover a few house payments.

  14. Jeff could not agree more with your comment. In 2016 “good enough” is what we want for $3.5k?!! I would hope not. Whether your stills and don’t care about video or your video and don’t care about stills, SOME people actually care about what they’re getting in that kind of price tag and want to make sure every dollar goes towards a feature they’re going to use and can be happy with. Why would you want to use something that doesn’t make you happy? Mitch I said it on the DSLR Noob podcast video, I get why Planet Mitch has to buy one lol, but for everyone else pros included, I’m not sure how one could justify that kind of money for mediocre features. I mean we’ve had post focussing since 2013!! Why is everyone acting like this is a new thing??? It’s not. Sure it was in JPEG only and only now has Canon been the first to bring it to RAW, but even when it came out I know NO ONE that actually used it to its full potential and everyone felt it was gimmicky. Not for nothing, but even for pros I still can’t justify that kind of price tag to be an “all arounder” – as Tony Northrup has said and I couldn’t agree more: “it’s a jack of all trades but a master of none”. And that being said, even for ‘canon fanboys’ as you put it, there are still better options (5DSR/1DC). Don’t get me wrong, I love Canon glass and will take nothing away from them in that regard, but their bodies are just overpriced for the feature set and the results (low dynamic range, less editability in post, poor low ISO results, decent but oversaturated color science) . It’s funny because I WANTED the 5DmkIV to kill it and make me go ‘wow now THAT is the reason why Canon is synonymous with the word “pro”‘ and I wanted to be able to go back to Canon after a long departure (8yrs) as I was praying the 5DIV would answer the needs of EVERYONE not JUST canon people…. but as you said Mitch, Canon does NOT give a shit about capturing a new market and capturing new users, AT ALL! I agree with you on that regard, but it’s upsetting that they will never be leading the charge again in the future in terms of being ahead of the pack and making groundbreaking implementations in their systems. Nope they simply don’t care just like you said, and it’s sad. If I were the head of a company like that I certainly would want everyone and their mother to buy my product and would do whatever was in my development teams power to appeal to the biggest audience. Unfortunately Canon couldn’t give two shits about the average consumer. They only care about their current customer base and THAT is why I moved on to other systems all those years ago. Pure greed. And how anyone could represent that and stick by that justifying to themselves that getting a limited features camera is “good enough” for that kinda money Is beyond my comprehension. Don’t take this negatively I’m just frustrated because I WANTED to go back to Canon so bad, but just now know it’s never gonna happen.

  15. I won’t badmouth Canon, I started out there with the first Digital Rebel. Went on to XTi, 5DmkII, T2i and 60D. However, I’ve moved on. For me there are too many benefits with mirrorless. I have a treasure trove of fantastic glass from film cameras, I’ve picked up for pennies on the dollar (some of it Leica M). Sure, some of it was usable on my Canon’s… but without focus peaking, hard to focus. BTW… That is one beef I’ve had with Canon’s… even with L lenses on the 5Dm2 I had too many not quite sharp auto focusings. Sorted out with newer models, right?
    I shot two Indie films with the 5Dm2 that looked great, but now been happier with my Panasonic GH3 for video. Will look hard at the GH5 when it comes out. For stills I prefer the handling and accurate focusing of the Olympus OMD’s I have. (swivel screen and touch focus is nice.) And been dabbing with a couple Sony’s for larger than M43 sensor needs. Not happy with the video on the A7II… stills are nice though. I’ve kept my 5Dm2 and T2i, just in case… but haven’t touched them in months. Canon lenses been working fine with an auto adapter on the Sony.
    As I said, not here to badmouth. I’m sure the mkIV will be a great camera for a lot of people. But some of us have evolved away, and that’s okay too.
    Okay… one critical comment… I paid just under $3500 for my 5Dm2 (w/24-105 kit lens) in December of 2008. Now they want that for the body alone???

  16. Sorry Mitch, I can’t agree with you. Some of the criticisms come from fanboys who support other vendors, but I think Canon lovers needed a bit more support, and Canon needs to aim higher. It’s like the marketing people designed this and not the engineers. Imagine if Steve Jobs set his sights this low for Apple products. Canon should aspire to greatness not aim for mediocrity.

    The worst criticism I have is the codec for 4K video. What’s 40GB for one hour recording on a Panasonic or Sony is four times that on the Canon, for a picture quality that is not discernibly better. It a camera without vision that simply holds no appeal for me

  17. No camera is perfect, if a company made the perfect camera there would never be an upgrade and people would keep the cameras forever and never buy a new one and then goodbye company.

  18. Thanks in large part to Canon and the 5DMK2, the lines between video and still camera have become increasingly blurred. It’s really just semantics now with some ergonomics thrown in for form factor and additional heat management for video. But that’s it really, isn’t it? Is it really worth the cost of entry to get a C300 or 500 if you want decent 4K from canon? Looking at the feature set of my now two year old Samsung NX1, I would say no, it’s not. It’s making features that should be available to all only available to the 1% kind of thinking. It’s price gouging the freelance and independent producer. Renting the expensive Canons will never make you proficient with them.
    The 5D line has the expectation of leading the the hybrid camera/video market – but they are withholding instead of innovating with this model when it comes to video.

  19. I can’t believe that Canon still drops the ball and hasn’t included a self-pointing feature, it should at least TELL me where to point it for the best picture,

  20. I somewhat agree with you on this, but I do also think it’s pretty logical that people are frustrated and here’s why: When the DSLR revolution hit, then a lot of people got into the system thinking that this is a great and affordable way to make quality video, including me. Sadly the improvements from then from Canons part have been half-assed and communication from Canon has been less than stellar.

    I think it would be perfectly fine if Canon would be straight from the beginning saying that they’re not too interested in video going forward. Although they did say that they kind of “stumbled” into the massive response around the 5DM2, I think there’s a lot of people that are frustrated with Canon’s communication. It seems like they’re fine with videographers having an EOS system, so they can’t be bothered to say that video is not their main focus right now.

    The other thing that I personally have had a problem with is Canon repeatedly answering questions like “will you add ___ feature soon?” and their answer is generally something along the lines of “We don’t think people want/need it, but we’ll monitor and see if it becomes an issue”.

    Let me stop right there and take a break and say that it’s absolutely mind-boggling to me how Canon has gotten such a big market share if this is their line of thinking. How can they be so disinterested in pushing camera tech forward?

    Right now I’m, as many others, feeling the pain of adopting to Sony. Sony isn’t right now as polished as Canon, but they’ve shown that they’re hungry to make great cameras, with the features people want. Watching interviews with Sony execs are so different than from Canon, their replies are almost always “We want to, we’ll see if we can make it work”, when asked if they can implement ___. I think it’s fantastic that they implemented 4k as an option, especially in the ones that overheat. Why? Because they’re pushing the envelope!

    Oh, and many of the features they’re asked for, they’re pretty basic like zebras and peaking, yet they care so little about the video crowd that I wouldn’t be surprised if most if not all of them migrated to some other brand that have more of their interests in mind.

    Canon has great engineers and they’ve shown that they can make stellar hardware when they want to. I really wanted to believe in Canon, but right now it just seems like they just don’t want to.

  21. Conversely, self admitted Canon fanboys can simply scroll past any Canon critiques 😉
    Missing something like articulating screen..which is available in lower Canon photo-centric cams (because not just for video) is quite irritating..negating a lot of the benefits of small form factor cams like 5D etc. C series is still going to have different ergonomics, ins/outs etc to maintaining product line distinction without having to hold back so many advancements in video area.
    I guess photogs enjoy shooting blind above head or drag a ladder everywhere?
    I hear the point about it being a stills camera..but even Canon has its folks promoting the video features.
    It’s an era of unfolding convergence..Canon seems to be pushing back on that more than others.
    Interesting times..don’t be surprised that there is a vocal mix of fans and detractors.

  22. I’m Canon invested in the Cinema EOS line and DSLRs. What I will say is this, we as Canon investors want so badly to not have to rent or buy the Sony A7 line stuff. We invested in the lenses, we invested in the cameras. So I’ll explain where there are a few gripes for me.
    C300 Mk2 – 4k 60p is not there, Clog 1, 2, and now 3 are all there. Price Tag $12000
    1DX Mk2 – 4k 60p is there, No Clog at all. Price tag $5900
    5DMK4 – I don’t use 5Ds for professional video, so I have no gripe here except, put Clog in the mix. Here’s the deal, and I told this to Tim Smith at NAB this year, “I don’t feel like Canon is listening. Sony puts Slog 1, 2, 3 on their $28,000 F55 all the way down to their $999 A6300. They don’t define “this is a video camera, that is not” whereas Canon ignores this. So my head is ready to explode at the fact that for different shoots, I can’t have Clog. Put it across the line on all the cameras, that includes your stills cameras because people do use them for video, NO NO NO they are NOT video cameras, but in truth Mitch, I don’t see MOST people declaring that they ARE video cameras. However, when you’re as well invested with Canon as many of us are (I do all my professional shoots with the Cinema EOS line) you want to know when you put down the big bucks you’re going to be ok across the board for a few years.”

    Now Tim nodded and said, you make a good point. I’m glad he felt that way, I told Larry Thorpe, “I agree with you when you said the 5d was never intended to be a video camera. I have a C100, and C100 Mk2. But every now and then on a shoot I get people showing up with their 5d cameras. Clog is something you could implement now, it’s not a hardware thing, it’s a firmware update. You need to trust us as the shooters to decide for ourselves.

    Other than that we may whine but most of us aren’t going to jump into the other ships. I’m sticking with Canon and am about to drop major money on a C300 Mk2 KNOWING I don’t have 60p in 4k (It’s huge to have this feature for my work), and I see it as the best all around video camera out there for the small crew production companies. Anyway, I just hope you can understand many of us are not expecting the 5DMk4 to be mind-blowing for video work, but the frustration wouldn’t be there if this was the only camera body to subtract expected features for 2016-2017. I’m saying that with each successive Canon camera in their lineup there’s a feature missing that really should be there. For me Clog is the biggest one and it’s the source of much of my Canon frustration.

  23. “Sure, some of you are now storming off to SonyLand or PanasonicLand and frankly, Canon is OK with that!”

    So Canon isn’t interested in bringing in new customers, and they don’t care if a portion of their current customers leave for other brands? Sounds like a sure-fire way to run your company into the ground. Don’t think it can happen? Go ask Kodak what that feels like.

    The features people “bitch” about not having in the 5DIV ALREADY EXIST in cameras put out by other companies, usually for much lower cost.

    As a company, you don’t get to decide what your customers want. You only get to decide if you will give it to them. If you refuse to, but your competition does, your customers go away. It’s pretty simple economics.

  24. I was pretty disappointed when I discovered that my 6d didn’t cook me breakfast. I didn’t complain about it on social media, but I am hoping the Mark II will be capable of cleaning my house….

    To be honest, it makes me realise what a bunch of idiots exist on this planet with the complaints you see on social media. We’re using technology far more advanced than even 5 years back, yet this is not good enough for some ‘experts’ out there. If people were creating amazing shots with cameras that were incredibly basic compared to today cameras years back, then the only answer possible is ‘bad workman blaming his tools’.

  25. There have been dedicated video cameras on the market for decades.

    The reason filmmakers gravitated to the 5D – and there only ever was one reason – was for its large image sensor. To get that shallow depth-of-field and bokeh in video.

    We expected that would continue with the Mark iv as it moved to the new standard of 4K video. Unfortunately it didn’t. Canon has decided to dump one segment of its loyal user base.

    There is now no reason to use the Mark iv for 4K video. If you want cropped video, you’re better to use a dedicated video camera. If you want full-frame video, you’ll have to jump ship to a Sony camera.

    I’m personally saddened that Canon has opted not to continue the full-frame video legacy. I’m a Canon fanboy and don’t like leaving.

  26. I agree with you on many of your points. There are 3 main problems I have with the 5DmkIV: (in no particular order)

    1. The 4K video codec SUCKS! ProRes or DNxHR should be the minimum codecs. The space requirements (i.e. inefficiency) and useability are SO 2005.

    2. CF and SD cards with those file sizes? CF is basically dead. Sure, they can still be found, but really large size dev is going into the future (CFast, SD, etc.). While CFast cards are currently expensive, that won’t last as they become more mainstream. A 21 RAW pic file buffer is just plain stupid. And this is where CFast could dramatically help, though the newest SD card specs might, if Canon is supporting them, help with that. Though “professionals” typically don’t take SD cards seriously, which is probably why CF card support is still there.

    3. And I think this is most important, with Canon’s apparent 4 year life span of 5D products, the basic technologies for this camera are going to appear really, Really, REALLY long in the tooth by the time the (I suppose) the 5DmkV comes out. Frankly, they are just now, kinda sorta, catching up with the basic technologies that have been in mirrorless cameras for at least a year or two.

    I like competition. I’m rooting for Canon. But they are losing to the “Innovation Cycle” of their competitors. With the increasing pressure traditional camera companies are feeling from non-traditional cameras (e.g. smartphones, etc.), they are failing at the basics necessary to bring in new customers who may feel the need to “step up” to better cameras. I’ll bet their buyer demographics are not favorable for long term growth.

    I hope I’m wrong, but from what I see my kids (young professionals) doing and thinking, I don’t see a future path from younger, “new” user current pic/vid perspectives to Canon’s current lineup. Who knows, maybe the 5DmkV will be a mirrorless revelation. But with what will be a multi generational product release gap between more dynamic companies (Sony, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Olympus, and, in some cases, Nikon) who are releasing 2-4 generations of products in the same time period (and using that information, the power of the Innovation Cycle) to figure out what is truly important to customers, Canon, IMO, has a tough, long-term road ahead of it.

    Time will tell, though, IMO, Canon’s (and the rest of the DSLR type) unit sales losses don’t bode well.

  27. Thank you Mitch! The 5DmkIV will be my next purchase – I am the target market, photos first, video second. Thank you for you review/rant.

  28. Nice blog as always. We use the 5D3 as our Photocamera and take about 75000 clicks a year. We tried video for years. Until Blackmagc and Panasonic hit the market. Finally we could actually see and do what we wanted and achieve the look we were after. Does that make the 5D3 a poor camera? No! On the contrary. It takes amazing shots and it’s skintone is truly stunning. And we tried all brands and cameras but always come back to Canon. Super reliable, predictable and superb handling of the data. Never lost a shot. The fact that it records a bit of HD video is a gimmick fumbled in the hard and software. The lenses and the huge sensor make it look ‘cinematic’. Something Canon could never have thought when they released it, if you ask me.
    Back to the 4D: I bet that the photo and video department of Canon are completely separated. They might even be in different cities. Knowing multinationals (we work with them as clients) and the amount of management in between, it would not surprise me at all. This means that the video functions on the mark4 are an asset developed by the Photocamera team. And that team may hardly be in contact with the film camera team. They drive a completely different market in which a few film lovers operate the camera to the max making movies with it. To me it sounds like making an iPhone that is also a razor at the same time. It’s possible, it works but what’s the main purpose? Taking photos if you ask me. And within Canon there will even be a devide of consumer and professional photographers. The mark4 appeals to both. Hard enough for the marketeers to sell it. Which channels? Which distributors?
    Eventually it’s a photo camera that makes videos. We have to learn to live with that.
    So, is the mark4 any good on specs? The only things I’m after is lowlight performance. High Iso that still produces an interesting image. And autofocus speed and accuracy that can handle direct sunlight. Buffer speed to shoot more than 13 images before it slows down and won’t capture a shot. The Mark4 is a bit like X files, you want to believe. And that, my dear colleagues, sounds like a religion. Church starts with a C as well…

  29. I just want to see Canon get the basics right for once. Low light AF, shadow recovery DR, long exposure noise but they keep covering up their deficiencies with fluff. Very expensive fluff. Sigma Tamron and Ziess make better glass for less, Nikon and Sony make as good if not better cameras. Canon had an opportunity here and the got lazy. Now the Canon Fanboys have their panties in a bunch because people are calling them out on it.

  30. a rant about people ranting? Whats next – a rant about people ranting about people ranting.

    a waste of time like 5d 4 and video capture.

  31. We Asians, do not comment much, the way you Europeans and some Americans do, especially bashing about Canon/Nikon DSLRs, and how you praise mirrorless format/ 4K……. Sony, Canon, Nikon etc…these are all from Asia… But sad to say, your much-praised mirrorless cameras are not the hip here in Asia… Go to the Great wall (China), Shanghai, Kyoto, Manila, Bangkok, Bali(Indonesia) etc… all you see are tourists carrying Canon/ Nikon DSLRs. Sorry folks; your much touted mirrorless cameras are nowhere to be seen…

  32. Wow. Amazing how a new product can create such a crazy conversation here. People it is very simple. If you do not like it or it does not offer you what you need them go to another brand or system. In my personal opinion. I moved to Sony just because right now it offer me more and better options for my needs, in the future who knows. I will use the equipment that allows me to do the best. Simple.

    DSLR, M4T and MIRRORLESS are not video cameras. They are photography cameras with amazing video capabilities.

    Sure Canon decided not to compete with its own video product line, in my opinion killing a lot of sales for the camera, but hey, they are a smart company and I am sure their marketing department told them that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK.

    If the equipment define your photography or video them my friend you are a TEXH Yunky more them a ARTIST. In my very own and maybe ignorant opinion.

  33. Haters going hate!
    Really in awe of this response and reply. People should be use to the fact Canon would never release something it felt wasn’t top level. So if they make it that way, you can bet there is a darn good reason why they did. Its seems no one ever waits and listen before opening their internet mouths.

    Sorry this got under people’s skin, life is to short to get upset over camera specs to you dont even own.

  34. Seems to me that if Canon made it’s own metabones like adapter, the issue of crop factor would go away with the added fstop. Just put it on with all your other stuff when you want to use the camera for 4K video. But those workarounds stop with the HDMI out.

  35. The fallacy here is that its Canon themselves makes hyperbolic claims…

    “Step up to cinematic 4K. Unleash the 4K filmmaker in you and add 4K EOS Movie to your creative portfolio.”

    Then the 4K crop factor, missing zebras and peaking, shitty codec, etc make the canon claims rather preposterous.

  36. I was with Canon for a long time. Started with 35mm, I was also one of the first Digital Photography adopters, I also bought the first 5D at release, got the 5D MK2 on the first shipment, same with the MK3.

    I’ve since gone over to Sony have years of Canon not playing to the dedicated consumers. I switched over from the MK3 to the Sony A7RII and haven’t regretted it. I do still use mostly Canon Glass but I’ve been happy with Sony’s G series too, very happy intact. Still my favorite lens is the 70-200mm MK2. But it works perfectly on the Sony so even more so I don’t regret going over to Sony.

    With that said I’ve been very disappointed over the last couple years with Canon. The Sony A7RII is so much better then the 5DMK3. They dynamic range is so noticeable. You can really push they image, the low light is almost all you need, and at 40+ MP, all the resolution you’ll ever need. And when it comes to Video (I must mention I work in TV as a career) Its a night and day difference between the 5D MK3 when I do shows were we go back to shooting on the 5D or I cut in old footage I’m shocked at how bad it looks and this is in HD nothing to do with 4K.

    Also I own a FS7 and even the C300 MK2 is a joke for the price in comparison.

    I must say though that Mirrorless cameras aren’t perfect for Photography, I mean quality wise they are great, but I personally like shooting photos better with an SLR system just because I like the whole optical mirror viewfinder better vs a LCD viewfinder.

    So I was hoping that canon would fix their short comings that they have had these last few years with the 5DMK4. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it. Who knows though I might pick one up just for the hell of it. But it probably won’t be for much more then a portrait/event photo camera then anything else, because video wise its lack (no log which is sad) and landscapes the A7RII is gonna be hard to beat.

    I just wish canon would have killed it with this camera, they could have and their earnings have been falling past couple years. They should have wised up.

  37. Completely disagree with the rant- Canon could have easily included features that we all want such as Canon Log. But they wanted to deliberately hobble the camera for video shooters. Other companies are not afraid to deliver value to their customers nor afraid to cannibalize their own products. Eventually, this attitude will catch up to the company and companies that are more willing to be disruptive, such as Sony, will take over.

  38. Mitch, you are spot on with your comments, pretty much across the board.
    people appear to have lost the essence of daily life.
    it is not about having the best of everything = entitlement,
    it is about YOU doing your best with what you have= pride of accomplishment and happiness and satisfaction.
    no company has to deliver your pie in the sky dream.
    YOU have to go create that pie yourself.
    Pretty much any consumer, prosumer and pro digital is years ahead of many great famous photographers using much inferior equipment. However their creativity and perceptions made all that outdated equipment shine.
    instead of whining behind a pc monitor about all the companies NOT delivering your pie in the sky, go out , build your own pie, and make your equipment SHINE. You will be happier and have much less to whine about. Canon and it’s competitors are in business to make a profit by providing timely new technical equipment and wizardry to promote sales growth. They are all top level products in their own right. You can buy at your convenience, or not. Who knows, if you wait long enough your pie in the sky will be made for you, at a price. Look at all the time and opportunities you will have lost.
    Fact is the 5d series, is exactly that, a SERIES of technical innovations for corporations to grow their business. You can grow with them, or not.

    1. You’re right, no company HAS TO provide “pie in the sky” features, or rather, readily available features and VALUE to their consumers. But to me, that’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to maintaining market share. It’s why large companies of the past died off. It’s also why new companies have taken over markets. This isn’t to say that Canon is dying off… but rather the Mark IV represented a hope for innovation in the “affordable” full frame market segment.

      I’d agree that capturing a good image is related more to a photographers skill than his equipment, but… equipment still matters. That’s why people still use medium and large format cameras in both digital or film variants. Some of my best shots have been on years-old and used Canon 5D’s and 5D Mark II’s… but to a degree there were limitations in that system. It’s not that I couldn’t afford new, but buying new didn’t provide much value (Mark III/IV). And then came the X-T2. Value. Switched. So many new features that I’ve found very quickly are incredibly useful in day to day shooting. I can afford to keep up with technology now, as the bodies are much cheaper and offer more value than Canon. The glass is superb, and is more cost effective… I’m not trying to say Fuji is the system to go to, I’m positive that Sony and Olympus and all the other brands have an offering that are great as well.

      Canon, the giant, is beginning to alienate itself from it’s customers by throwing value and innovation out the window. Playing it safe for too long, and relying on the brand name and the excellent CPS service will eventually break even the most die-hard loyalists away to new systems, or at least decrease the portion of space in their bag dedicated to Canon products…

  39. Yes, it was a stills camera, but was the 5D Mark II the global phenomena that it was because of it’s stills capabilities? Of course not. Most folks that are not happy with Canon’s latest iteration are simply wanting more of the revolutionary video features that made the Mark II famous.

  40. Good rant, Mitch. Yes, it shows you choose your words carefully. You’re tactful and still pushing back at whiners while being positive instead of argumentative. Good that you remind people that they can be positive too, and not end complaints without offering something positive to think about. I liked your point that someone’s ‘right’ camera may not be a Canon, so shop around and see what’s good for you. And maybe praise someone else’s product. Surely they’d appreciate it as I’m sure it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to put any camera on the market. I admire anyone’s achievement.

  41. While I half agree, I do think the 5D has become a pro-sumer video/stills combo workhorse. I actually use my T6s far more than I use my 5Diii for stills. Unless I REALLY need that full frame, I’m shooting the T6s. Wish I waited for the 80D though….Womp womp. Anyways, the rolling shutter problems and no articulating screen are the reasons I won’t be upgrading this time. I’m happy with my miii for video and T6s for stills. And I do both for a living, just so you know my background on the issue. Thanks for your well thought out response to all the whining, though. I am a Canon fanboy as well, and would say if you’re not happy with the iv for video, go get the c300 or c100mii those are GREAT for the price and will take all your EF and EF-S glass. Now that’s the jam!

  42. Well for me, this will be my first full frame camera coming from a 70d. I’m excited about it. I don’t care about video. I maybe do a few 30 sec. Videos a year. I hope the cards won’t be obsolete before I’m done with my camera. Also, a tilting screen would have been nice. Seeing all these nasty reviews on YouTube has lessened my excitement some what. It is a lot of money to spend. I don’t want the 5d mark iii because I want many of the new features the 5d mark iv has to offer. I too believe if you don’t like the camera, don’t buy it. You can state that it is not what you’re looking for in a better way than name calling and insulating the people who are intetested. I hope that after the camera has actually been used and Dynamic range can be tested, things might change. I always have hope anyway.

  43. Canon is not very fair to consumers, charging very high prices, while obviously they artifically limit the specs of the products. So why shouldn’t Canon users who need these tools for work – and in the case of the 5D4 until the year 2020! – be angry about that and say it out loud?

    Something that even the 5D4 pro people have to admit is that in 2008 the 5D2 caused 95% excitement, while the 5D4 causes 50% disappointment. Nobody would name a blog “5D” today anymore, because the 5D4 is such a groundbreaking tool. The sad truth is that the video function of the 5D2 was just an accident. If Canon knew how successful it would have been, they would not have implemented it to find a different product to make money with it. This blog wouldn’t exist because there wouldn’t have been a DSLR revolution.

    Stills photographers often forget that lots and most of the missing features of the 5D4 (that can be found in Sony or other Canon cameras) would also be excellent for stills. The 5D4 could have had:

    – Focus Peaking
    – Zebra
    – 4K shooting in Full Frame
    – 4K shooting in any zoom range between Full Frame and the middle 8 MP crop
    – 4K shooting with 60fps
    – 1080p shooting with 120fps
    – 720p shooting with 240fps
    – 4K shooting in 3840 width
    – 4K shooting with an efficient codec
    – Shooting Video in Log Mode (or better RAW)
    – HDMI out in 4K
    – Shooting in 3K and up to 50fps
    – Adapting APS-Crop Lenses (especially when 4K only can be done in 1.74x crop)
    – Fully assignable buttons incl. a third wheel for ISO
    – Installation of apps
    – Audio and other things through a Multi Hot Shoe
    – An articulating screen.

    Only these missing features might be limited to mirrorless technology:

    – Filming and reviewing through an EVF
    – Silent Photo Shooting
    – Ability to use speedboosters

    The best solution would be if Canon does realease a 5D4 C, or even better a mirrorless version, for even more money if they like, but with all important stuff that’s missing. They should realize that the majority of filmmakers will never buy a C300/500/700 product for 12k+. An FS7 can do much more than a C300II for less money, which is why it’s a much bigger success.

    1. Author

      Doug, totally respect your opinion and well stated. Yep, Canon could have done all of that. They didn’t. And they’ll still sell a ton of these cameras and they sell a ton of the Cinema EOS line… I don’t have the numbers but I suspect the Cinema EOS line is very successful and maybe on par with the Sonys.

  44. I just pressed my (virtual) LIKE button for this article! I think those social media sites cater to the negative personality types. Because if they also had “STUPID COMMENT” buttons, I imagine we’d see a lot less complaining there.

  45. 1. Overpriced at release.
    2. No articulating screen – great too for photographers.
    3. GPS. Seriously? Photographers don’t know where they’ve been before?!! Battery drain
    4. Wifi – can it shift the buffer via wifi over a decent distance. If not = gimmick & battery drain.
    5. Touch screen. Battery drain
    6. FPS. Too slow. Canon can do better but chose not to
    6. ISO. I’ll wait for real word tests but higher & higher ISO isn’t my thing.
    7. ‘Move focus’ thing. Mmmm. Let’s just see how that works.
    8. The lack of decent video tech. Serious ball drop.
    9. Minor MP improvement. Come on. They could easily do better.
    10. Overpriced.

    The or

    1. Author

      3) GPS YES! If you don’t need it fine.
      5) Touch screen is brilliant – worth the TINY extra battery “drain” (which it isn’t).
      6) If you need higher FPS there are cameras you can buy that have it!
      6) If you don’t need higher ISO then why are you even talking about it??? Plenty of people DO and are glad for the improvement
      7) It works pretty well – again why do you care?
      8) there are plenty of VIDEO cameras that do what you need… move on.
      9) Really? You know there’s a Canon EOS 5Ds with 50mp right? Buy one.

      Sorry Andrew. This is just exactly what the whole post was about… no need for this kind of complaining IMHO…

      This obviously is not the camera for you so go buy something else. There are plenty of people excited for these features why do you have to complain because they don’t fit your needs?

  46. Yep, I totally agree. When they released the 5D Mark III I was one of those that whined that the price couldn’t be justified given the upgrades coming from the 5D Mark II. That was until I actually shot with one. I immediately rescended those remarks and quickly fell in love with that camera and the 5D Mark III is still a great camera, even now.

    While the 5D Mark IV might not be as big a jump this time around it still looks like a great investment as a camera that can do a lot of things really well. I was a little disappointed that the fps was not around 10fps and that the top flash sync is still at 1/200 but you can’t have everything and I have another camera that has both of those so it’s not a deal breaker. I shoot mainly sports and that would have been really great to pair with my 1D X. That being said, I did shoot a couple of years with the 5D Mark III as my main camera over the 1D Mark IV. The 5D Mark III files looked much better, the noise was a little better and the focusing system almost made up for the 4fps difference in keepers.

    I’m still struggling with whether I should get a 1D X Mark II or the 5D Mark IV. Since the 1D X is still a great camera for sports I’m starting to lean towards a 5D Mark IV. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that 8fps was the top rate on the 1D series and I’m thinking i can live with 7fps as my secondary camera. That also leaves with some additional crop room which is really handy for sports sometimes and also some nice video features as well to play with.

    Your rant was spot on. People should spend less time complaining about what they don’t have and spend more time using what they do have to improve their skills . . .

  47. Of course people should comment.

    Canon needs to hear what people desire in their products and listen or ignore them as they choose.

    Right now, I do not see Canon having a viable product for professional photographers who specialize in photographing people.

    Why do you feel the D750 Nikon is taking the wedding market so well?

    24 Megapixels dude…

    Nikon has come back to the pros… A few years back, they went Megapixel crazy… and finally saw the light.

    The 5D4 is a step backward in many regards. Too bad Canon.

    Create an 18-24M update to the 5D line… a full featured offering, that takes great photos, in low light, and focus really fast…. Do it soon, or I’ll have to sell all my Canon gear and go back to Nikon.

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