The winning 8 images in the project Imagin8ion contest

Ron and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Canon C300 “When you find me” project Imagin8ion live thru Dec 19

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I'm sure you'll remember that we told you that Ron Howard and his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard would be shooting an HDSLR short based on 8 photos selected from all that were submitted in Canon's Project Imagin8ion back in May – you can watch the movie online now thru Dec 19th!

One very very interesting thing to note tho – it was mainly shot on the Canon EOS C300 as well as the Canon HDSLRs. Our understanding is that when prototypes of the Canon EOS C300 became available, it was decided to use it as the main camera as well as using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and other HDSLRs on the project. A preview was also shown at the big November 3rd announcement which we mentioned during the live blog – and I heard Ron and Bryce were there but I didn't get the chance to meet them (boohoo!).

When you find me

[tentblogger-youtube R4z72UYCTmY]

Note: you can watch the movie in 1080HD on youtube here

The winning 8 images in the project Imagin8ion contest

The winning 8 images in the project Imagin8ion contest

Quiet Canon EOS C300 film

I'm not quite sure why Canon has been so quiet about this as it was a big announcement back in May – tho I have been watching a TON of commercials on USA TV, there hasn't been a press puch about the movie being online nor has there been much discussion about it anywhere. In fact, we might be the first to even talk about it being online. It just went up a few hours ago and will only apparently be online for a few days. Curious.

I did confirm with Canon about it being shot on the Canon EOS C300 as well as the HDSLRs and I was also told:

Cool fact that hasn't been written about yet… The dream sequence of the film with the mother by the tree was actually shot in infrared by a modified DSLR (not sure which model). It made for a very cool dream-look.

The movie was premiered in NYC a few weeks ago – there was a big party too – there are some photos on the Project Imagin8ion page.

So there you go! Yet another Canon EOS C300 video that few people are talking about yet… what did you think about the movie? Any glaring issues with the quality if you watched in 1080?

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(cover photo credit: snap from one of the winning photos (the iconic infrared tree image)


  1. We were excited and honored to be a finalist in this project. Unfortunately, our image didn’t make the cut for the film. If you don’t blink, however, you can see it in the behind-the-scenes short.

    All things considered, I think they put together a pretty good story from such a varied selection of images.

  2. You can go to the YouTube page for the film and copy the URL, then paste it into the field at to access downloadable .mp4 versions of the film in 720p and 1080p. The streaming YouTube video in my browser shows a lot of compression artifacts in the night scenes, especially the first one at the beginning where the Mom is talking to her son. I wanted to see if these would be as bad with the actual file on the iPad 2. From what I can see, the web version of the film is heavily compressed even at 1080p resolution, but the 1080p version looks noticeably better on the iPad. A lot of filmic noise, less compression looking noise. You can tell that scene was shot at very high ISO, probably the C300. I imagine if it is released on iTunes it will be a lot cleaner, showing a lot more of the C300’s reported “filmic” looking noise, especially if they release an HD version.

  3. Wow, seriously I can see an amazing improvement playing the 1080p mp4 version on the iPad versus watching it over the internet…if you really want to see the quality of this film I would recommend downloading it before they yank it in 2 days. Colors are better, less compression, everything. I downloaded the BTS also; it’s a much smaller file.

      1. I use, you just drop the URL of the video into the search bar at that website and it finds the links for .flv, .mp4 and .webm files in whatever resolution is available; you can use it for just about any of the video sharing sites unless the owner of the video specifically makes it unavailable. I usually click on the “watch on Youtube” button in the lower right corner of embedded videos to go to the actual host page, then copy the URL from the address bar.

  4. You guy’s…. or should I say StarMitch, r doing a great JOB. I really do look forward to the news of which is nearly daily. It doesn’t seem to be what level your at , cause there is always a diamond in amongst the coal.
    Keep up the good work…… I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

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