edelkrone Presents Target: An Automated Cinematic Tool for tracking your subject

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Now this is cool – edelkrone has announced the Target Module for SliderPLUS V2 – a slider that tracks the object you're wanting to highlight as the camera moves thru the slider! Very cool

Have a look at the awesome video below to really see this work – it is very impressive.

It doesn't have a focus module, but you can attach a remote follow focus I would think. I would love to have one of these for doing product reviews! Adding motion to the simple shots is something we all desire – but since I'm a one man band, it would be difficult to accomplish. With the ability to also do repeated moves, this becomes very exciting.

Watch the vid!

Introducing Target Module for SliderPLUS V2

Via edelkrone:

From now on, anywhere is good for curved shots!

Target module eliminates the biggest hassle that the skater dollies create. No need to find or setup tables for curved shots anymore. You will compose your curved and parallax shots anywhere you can place your tripod on. Such freedom has never been possible before and this creative power will influence your productions deeply.

Target sliderplus

Responsive Motion Control Technology

Here is another first! Target module is not a system you set up in minutes and then press play to run it. It actually calculates its actions in real-time depending on your actions. Responds to your moves. Like it’s alive!

Learn more about Target Module

(cover photo credit: snap from edelkrone)

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