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Today i thought I'd post several links to articles about microadjustment in the news. Tho i haven’t tried it, I'm reading lots of good reports about improvements in focus.

DigitalFrog on twitter reports Canon 5D MII decrypted, hackers are going to have fun 😉 tinyurl.com/crrdod – wow that’s interesting. Don’t know what it means to us regular folk yet, but it sounds fun. Friend GaryPHayes says: “@planetMitch looking forward to PAL (25fps) and Cine (24fps) resolution video hacks then :)” – now that’s a great thought!

Buy a 5D mk ii! (note the BUY link at the top – updated regularly)
None of the online stores indicate ‘in stock’ but the Adorama site says they have some coming soon – so order now. This still appears to be the best online option – i had 2 bodies filled from affiliated purchases yesterday thru Adorama.

In the UK, simplyElectronics has the body and kit back in stock

• Have been reading several interesting posts on microadjustment – here are some discussion threads on the topic (i haven’t tried it yet). POTN – another POTN thread – this one is on the 50D, but has samples and the function is the same on the 5D mk ii. Here’s an interesting 50D sample
• Best Sigma and Tamron lenses for 5D from Canon5Dtips also Should you buy third party lenses?
• Rumor: Apple to Integrate ‘QuickTime Pro' Features into Snow Leopard? interesting – for video fans
• inching his way to the top, ginside is raising money to buy a 5D mk ii 

• Thomas Wicky posts some studio shots
• Friends in the Shadows

• Portrait Of An Artist by David McCarty worth a 2 minute watch 🙂

• One thing I've noticed recently in watching some of your videos is that tho most of us are photographers at heart, when taking video, we’re forgetting the rule of thirds and we’re centering the subject smack dab in the middle of the video. Let’s be careful out there! (anyone remember that phrase from a TV show?)

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