Next Canon EOS R to be $1599?

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Canonrumors is reporting a possible new Canon EOS R coming in a few weeks at $1599.

The Canon EOS RP will be announced on or around February 14, 2019. It will be the new entry-level camera for the Canon EOS R system. There are further bits of information that have come out over the last couple of days.

The rumored price of the Canon EOS RP body is $1599 USD, we have also heard $1499 USD as the starting price for the EOS RP.

All of the specifications you’d expect are going to be there, starting with some kind of variation of the EOS 6D Mark II sensor, DPAF, DIGIC 8 and a single card slot, nothing one couldn’t have guessed. It’s also rumored that we’ll see 4K recording at up to 30fps on the EOS RP.

The article continues but our goal is not to just show everything (as you know, we curate and urge you to visit the site for all the details).

A new low cost mirrorless that has many of the same features as the Canon EOS R would be fantastic.

Tho i'm sure there will be many who will complain because well, that's what the internet does.

But if the rumor is true, and we do get a new low cost camera from Canon, that's nothing but good news for camera lovers.

And it will continue Canon's foray into mirrorless which is goodness as well.

CR also has a good article on Canon's 2018 financial reports that show Canon's being pretty smart about things in a declining market.

CR specs on the Canon EOS RP

(cover photo credit: snap from Canonrumors)

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