What Would Be Your Choice?

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Choices make us (and sometimes break us – but again it is about whether you choose to let that keep you down or not).

We're defined by our choices.

Often choices are very very hard.

Often they're very easy – but then they make profound movement in your life.

We make millions of choices every day.

Dan Carr is on my friend list but I did not know until I chose to watch this video, how he became a fantastic photographer.

This is a fantastic video about Dan and I hope you take 5 minutes out of your day to watch. I believe it will inspire you! It does me.

Choose To Be Bold

Via Youtube Description:

When professional photographer Dan Carr unexpectedly deferred a year from an engineering program, he chose to spend a fateful winter in the mountains. This is the story of how Dan’s choice to break away from a path that seemed predetermined led to an entirely new life in the mountains.

Presented by: Whistler Blackcomb and TELUS
Directed & Produced by: Jeff Thomas & Origin Outside
Starring: Dan Carr

(cover photo credit: From Source in post)

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