How good are your ears?

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I stumbled into this video by Rick Beato about your ears and what you can hear.

As a 61 year old guy, I've always been curious about how poor my hearing has gotten.

I've also been wondering for decades (ok, have they been around for decades? LOL) whether mp3 files really compressed too much data out of the audio recordings and whether I was really missing something with my massive collection of music that I've switched from seriously big files down to mp3s to save space.

After taking the NPR test mentioned… I'm very satisfied with learning that I can't tell the difference.

I managed to get 50% right, but frankly I was guessing on just about every question. And considering there were 3 answers on each question maybe I should have gotten 33% — but I could NOT tell any significant difference between any of the 3 formats.

How did you score on the test? Let me know!


Led me to the test on NPR

Youtube video description:

we explore the differences between MP3s, WAV, FLAC (lossless), AAC and whether you can tell the difference? or if it even matters? Discussion on mixing, listening, monitors and audion file formats.

Listening test:…


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Illustration by Claire O'Neill/NPR

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