Happy New Year! Where are we going in 2019?

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It is a time of reflection and planning for many.

Some have already celebrated a different year beginning and some don't celebrate at all.

Things have changed a lot in the camera world in the last 10 years!

Did you know that planet5D turned 10 in December and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II turned 10 in September?

It has been quite the revolution really… small cameras abound that shoot great 1080HD and 4k video – even your smart phones.

So with the revolution fully entrenched; I mean everywhere I go, I see people shooting video with DSLRs/Mirrorless cameras… so what do we talk about these days? It isn't a revolution any more… the king is dead… long live the king!

I plan on doing a lot of planning and execution in the next month.

Do you want to come along on this new journey?

Do you want to tell me where to go?

I'm happy to hear your thoughts!

Let me know today.

Write me if you want: [email protected]

Cover photo by me (from March 2009!)

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