33 Eye-Opening Drone Stats

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There was a controversy in our neighborhood because a woman swears her surveillance camera caught a drone outside her window at 3 am “peeping” on her. Nobody with any sense believed it was a drone, but alas, some people love conspiracies.

But heck it was so dramatic and emotion driven, it even spread around the US and appeared on plenty of sites and local news media because of the shock factor.

Most of us knew it wasn't a drone, at least those who have any experience with cameras.

Heck it was so obvious because the ‘thing' shown in the video didn't even move horizontally to the ground. Everyone knows hovering drones are parallel to the ground right? The whole thing was ridiculous.

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But on to good uses of drones and why they're changing the world… and who doesn't love some drone stats?

The other day I found this article on phillybyair.com tho…

And it had some really cool stats about drone usage and I thought I'd share.

drone stats

Some of the 33 Drone Stats

There are a lot more but of course, we want you to visit the site as a thank you for them putting up the article (we curate here at planet5D after all).

Do you have a drone?

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(image source: screen grab from the article)

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