✂DitoGear Special Offer for Animators: save up to $3000✂

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Check out our winter deals for Animator Kits and controllers and buy the following products with 25% discount*:

✦ Animator Cube – save up to $3000
✦ T’rantula HD Animator Motion Control – save up to $2100
✦ OmniSlider Animator Motion Control – save up to $2000
✦ OmniSlider Animators Servo – save up to $600
✦ OmniSlider Animators Stepper – save more than $600
✦ Controllers: DragonBridgeDMC-16 adapters

Use the code ANIMSALE19 in your DitoGear Store cart to take advantage of these deals.

The sale lasts until Sunday, January 20, 2019. Check other terms and conditions.

* prices may vary due to currency rates.

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(cover photo credit: Snap from DitoGear)

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