Timelapse Workshops Announces Unique Photography Workshops for 2019

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Timelapse Workshops has announced three very unique workshop experiences for 2019 – including a 7-day expert storm chasing photography workshop, a 7-day Lake Powell workshop, and a new 4×4 off-road timelapse & photography workshop in Moab, Utah.

New 2019 adventure photography workshops will take you storm chasing, floating on Lake Powell and off-road in Moab, Utah.

Moab, UT – August 23, 2018 – Timelapse Workshops has announced their new 2019 adventure photography workshop schedule including a storm chasing time lapse&photography workshop; a 7-day adventure dark-sky workshop on Lake Powell; an advanced night-sky dark-sky time lapse workshop; and an off-the-beaten path 4×4 time lapse & photography workshop in Moab, Utah.

Storm Chasing Timelapse & Photography Workshop – Exclusive

During this workshop you’ll spend 7-days chasing severe weather in tornado warned areas in order to capture breathtaking images and time lapses that can never be duplicated You’ll learn techniques to prepare for and capture professional images and timelapse of severe storms, supercell development, lightning storms, and possibly tornado’s. Led by the leading storm chasing team in the country along with professional photographer Ron Risman. Learn More HERE.

The Storm Chasing Experience

7-Day LakePowell Photography & Timelapse Adventure – Exclusive

This one-of-a-kind timelapse & photography workshop offers 7-days exploring Lake Powell including two days on land and 5-days on the lake. After two days on land, we’ll take a specially designed water craftto our first overnight camping location.

While on the lake all means are included and prepared fresh each day by a chef on board. Tents, Cots, sleeping bags and pads will be provided – allowing you to focus on bringing the essentials for incredible photography on this trip. At night we’ll like a camp fire, aim our cameras to capture the breathtaking sand stone walls and canyons as a foreground to the Milky Way at it moves across the sky. Learn More HERE.

5-Night Timelapse Moab & Advanced Motion Control 4×4 Workshop – Exclusive

TimelapesWorkshpos been leading Timelapse Moab workshops in Moab since 2013. This year we continue that tradition with our 5-night advanced time lapse photography workshop in late May, along with a new motion-control time lapse workshop that will also take us off-road in Jeeps to get to areas very rarely photographed.

A Love Letter to the Night Sky Timelapse Film: Celebrates International Dark Sky Week

Dark Skies of Utah – a Timelapseworkshops.com Collaborative Film

Use Code “P5D2019” to Save $100

Each workshop is limited to only 6 or 12 participants, depending on workshop location. Register early to hold your spot. Use Code “EB2019” before September 30th, 2018 to save $100.

Learn to:

  • Use your DSLR / Mirrorless camera to capture breathtaking images of the night sky
  • Light and compose your foregrounds to improve your night-sky images
  • Create star trails while reducing noise and eliminating guess work
  • Create noise free night-sky images using advanced stacking techniques
  • Capture and produce breathtaking time lapses of the night-sky
  • Capture full day to night time lapse sequences (Holy Grail)
  • Eliminate time lapse flicker for professional results
  • Achieve critical focus and composition in total darkness
  • Choose the best interval for any giving scene or subject
  • Use Motion Control to add depth and perspective to your time lapse & films
  • Location Scout to choose and visualize a location before leaving home
  • Alter thechange the feel and pacing of your time lapses with camera settings
  • Edit your night-sky images and time lapses like a PRO!
  • Use the latest software to take your work to the next level
  • Use advanced post-processing techniques to polish of your work
  • Save a time lapse sequence in post!
  • Learn to capture severe weather and tornadoes during our storm chasing adventure
  • Find, Use, and License Music
  • Put it all together in post

About Timelapse Workshops
Timelapse Workshops are led by award-winning cinematographer and time lapse expert Ron Risman. Ron’s workshops are designed to teach you in just a few days what would normally takes months or longer to perfect, and are designed to give you hands-on learning experiences in some of the most creative and inspiring locations you could ever imagine.
Ron work has been used in both Television and Film, and has provided work for companies such as Land Rover, HBO, Discovery Channel, Liberty Mutual, Restoration Hardware, FOX CT News, WFTV-9 Orlando, and others.

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(cover photo credit: Timelapse Workshops)

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