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Who wants to see some cute and funny photos of animals? WE ALL DO! Check out this awesome article that shows some hilarious and cute photos of animals!

For people who travel the world with their cameras and meet hundreds of people that would otherwise be complete strangers, it can be rewarding to meet all different kinds of people. This article talks about what it’s like to do just that, and what it's like to ‘give back' through photography.

  • The photos that change lives (BBC)

This 1951 film shows the complexities and difficulty of being a cinematographer for films. From the way you must construct your shots, to the way that you collaborate with every other department, this movie covers it all. Check out this article that talks about the movie.

Travel portraits are unique in the sense that they are unlike usual portraits. This article talks about some tips to get better portraits when you are travelling.

The Cinematographer for the movie ‘Searching’ talks about what it means to use authentic camerawork to add a certain feeling to a film.

  • ‘Searching’ Cinematographer Juan Sebastián Barón on the Power of Authentic Camerawork (Film School Rejects)

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(cover photo credit: Mary McGowan/Barcroft Images via The Guardian)

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