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Here are a few things we’ve found around the web that are cool. (Curated by Matthew Carew)

This is a subject that I think many people (including myself) hold strong opinions about. Is Instagram ruining travel photography, or even photography in general? Read what this writer has to say!

Black and white photographs possess a unique quality that no coloured photograph can hold. Monochrome can be a stylistic choice, or can be used to better portray a subject and tell a story. This article gives some good tips on improving those black and white shots.

I have heard of the show ‘Maniac’, but I have not watched it yet. Reviews claim that the show is being compared to Inception, which is enough to tell us that it must be a pretty freaking good show! I might have to go watch it now after reading this article! The link below shows some viewers' reactions to the show.

  • Netflix’s ‘Maniac’ is seriously messing with people’s heads (Mashable)

Product photography is by far one of the biggest photography markets out there. Photographers can charge fixed prices, or charge by the hour. Booking a product shoot can be expensive for smaller companies, but this new camera can offer a cheaper solution. Read this article to learn more!

  • Art and Technology join Forces in Launch of ‘Donatello’ (ShootOnline)

Missed the Emmy Awards on TV? Not a problem! This article includes a full list of the winners.

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(cover photo credit: Inge Schuster via Digital Camera World)

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